Why do so many believe Arkansas is so bad?

I keep picking up fan, radio talking head, and blogger predictions that the Texas Aggies will score 40+ against Arkansas this weekend. Why are so many people leaning this way?

Better A&M offenses in the past two seasons didn’t come close to 40+ in regulation against the Razorbacks.

They scored 45 on us in 2013 (we were bad) and 58 in 2012 (ditto).

This year’s Aggies scored 24 in regulation against UCLA and 29 at Auburn. So we’re supposed to be a couple of touchdowns worse than Auburn on defense.

Really, I thought I would hear radio talk people take this game seriously this week, and they didn’t. Finebaum and his guests were outright dismissive of us. They already decided that A&M is the only challenger to Alabama.

I’m ready for more than simply playing even with Texas A&M. It is time to beat them, beat them in every aspect of the game. I want this game to be a showcase of Arkansas’s planning and preparation. Plus improved talent.

We might not be there yet, but that is what would feel really good right now. Being disregarded sucks.

The Hogs are perceived as slow, unathletic, pedestrian, non-sexy, and missing its few studs from last year.

Beating the Aggies, without having to go to OT, might reduce a lot of those perceptions.

It seems they all think that A&M’s got us beat but as far as I am concerned the only areas they are better is at DE and WR.

None of that matters unless the aggies hear and believe it, but I doubt that is the case. Do any of those folks know more about The Hogs than Clay? Does what they say put points on the board? Until you answer yes to those things, don’t worry about it.

I disagree that they they are any better than us at DE and WR. i would not trade our starters for theirs. They may be better than us at Safety but I think we stack up well with them at every position.

It’s great that with all this discourse & buildup, it’ll all be settled tomorrow night.

Most of those same people thought TCU was much better than us too.

I’m not the least bit surprised by that attitude based on our recent years. We have either started slow with losses or our program was perceived to be in disarray (and maybe was for a couple years). The only way to gain the respect to put an end to that attitude is to win consistently. Yes, we have done that since the Alabama game last year, except for the blocked field goal. But we’re Arkansas, not Bama, and we simply have to keep winning, especially games like A&M, to shut people up. Then it’ll start again before the Bama game. As Al Davis said, just win, baby…

The TV mouths will be talking a little different about the Hogs after Saturday night and their tongues will not be firmly planted in cheek but hanging down the outside of said cheek(s).


I don’t think that they believe that Arkansas is that bad, rather they do not believe that we are good enough to beat a top ten team in their home state. Win decisively Saturday, and that will definitely change. I personally don’t mind this team winning as an underdog, but next year I want us to be feared (favored) in every game that we play (and to win them all!).

Perhaps OL as well. We will see

I have never understood why people compare offensive lines, or DBs, or WRs. It doesn’t matter whether their receivers are better than ours, if our DEs are better than theirs. They’re never on the field at the same time. What does matter is if their receivers are better than our DBs, if our OL is better than their DL, etc., etc.

What has Arkansas done in the last five seasons that would give anyone outside the state reason to believe otherwise?

When the team wins consistently in conference and finishes well up in the standings then one might expect the pundits to look more favorably on Arkansas’ performances against conference foes.

And, I’ll guarantee that I’m as ready for it as anyone could be.

What has Arkansas done? Won 9 out of 10. Won at LSU and Ole Miss. Is that not enough?

It’s good enough for me, but actually for outsiders I don’t think it is. String together a two or three 10 or 11 win seasons (incl. bowl wins) and stop caving to MsSt and the Aggies, then the pundits should get on board.

For one thing, we don’t have an offensive line that meets SEC standards. Proof is we couldn’t make a foot in five attempts against a goal line defense. Our offensive line has size but either they are not SEC athletes or else they are poorly coached and most likely the first.