Why do slumping players ball out against us?!

I know I’m probably wrong, but it sure seems like players who have been shooting and scoring slumps just come alive against us. Kevaughn Allen, DJ Hogg

Well, when you keep allowing them open looks they tend to start falling.

Because we don’t play good, fundamentally sound D.

Because everybody else plays defense in this league

Because we don’t guard anybody and they get easy wide open shots, no way to sugarcoat it.

I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing it.

When we contest shots we do great, but for some reason we get flat footed on both Offense and Defense. We are best when we move. Makes no sense. Tired?

Our defense is beyond horrible. I’m all for looking on the positive side. But we are probably the worst defensive team in the league. I watch most SEC basketball games, and I don’t see any other teams that give up as many wide open 3’s as we do. This is probably CMA’s worst defensive team. In the past we’ve always had at least one defensive specialist, like Manny Watkins, Fred Gully, Coty Clarke, etc. a guy that would take pride in defense and hold guys accountable. This year’s team doesn’t have that guy. I haven’t seen one person get in someone’s face for missing a defensive assignment or getting mad that someone blew past them. I had my criticism of Manny Watkins over the years, but he wouldn’t go for this bull, he would have tried to fight one of these guys for defense that bad.

You have stood up for Mike a ton on here, is that acceptable? I mean we play frenetic D sometimes but why can’t we play solid half court d? I love the fast pace and all but does it have to be all or nothing?

The frustrating thing to me is that a lot of time we are in position and just don’t close out. It’s maddening. Like after they hit 2-3 in a row to start the 2nd half, even if the guy has been in a slump, close him out. He’s hot. Make him put it on the floor. It’s effort.

Nope that defense is horrible. I can’t defend that crap they are doing.

It’s the switching. I understand that’s part of CMA’s system, but when you switch or trap, you have two people playing one guy, and three others watching the ball. When they do switch correctly, hands are down. Hands down, man down. I know they’ve heard that enough over the years.

Our offense is what gets me, we are moving, setting screens, passing getting good shots. Then we start playing hero ball, Macon, Beard, Barford, and tonight even Hall (Thomas does it too) start playing one on five and the other four stand flat footed like they’re cemented to the floor. I don’t understand it.

What’s really bad, is certain people are fixing to start posting about CMA’s seat needing to be warm.

They don’t have any heart or anyone that will hold someone responsible. Mike Anderson needs to be handwriting every single fan that has attended Bud Walton this year a thank you letter, Bud Walton crowd has single handily saved this team this year. We’ll get 4 or 5 more wins and slide into the tournament, we may beat a shorthanded LSU team Saturday, but outside of that we aren’t winning any more road games.

Anybody that knows me knows I’ve NEVER been this negative, but enough is enough. CMA has told us press conference after press conference on how defense will improve, yet we see junk like this every single time on the road.

I’m frustrated, too, but I’ll take that bet. There’s no excuse for letting teams get whatever they want, but this was our toughest remaining road game by far.

The rest are winnable. Of course we won’t win them all, but I bet we win a couple. I’ll guess Lsu and Mizzou.

And I’m about to say another thing, and I know this is going to make some people mad, but I really don’t care.

WHY IS ANTON BEARD STILL STARTING OVER MACON. SERIOUSLY. This is absolutely mind blowing. How many times do we have to spot teams 15 points to start the game/half before CMA realizes it’s probably not a good idea to bring arguably your best scorer off the bench when you only have 2 people on that team that can score consistently.

Anton Beard can’t shoot for crap, I don’t care what anybody says, I’ve watched him for 4 years, it’s not a slump, he just can’t shoot the ball. Why he gets the greenlight to keep shooting, is beyond me. And on defense all he does is gamble and try to double team somebody that never works and almost always ends in the other team getting a wide open shot or him committing a foul. And I’m not blaming this loss on Beard, I’m blaming it on CMA, it’s horrible roster management. Thomas and Macon need to be starting at the beginning of the game and at the beginning of the half. Anybody that’s watched this team play knows they are clearly better than the guys starting ahead of them. You can’t put lesser players in to start the game against the other teams best players when both are fresh and expect to win that battle. We were fortunate the previous games that Macon was on fire as of late and bailed us out.

100% agree man…great post!

What in the world have you seen to suggest we can win more than 1 more road game. It’s only 4 left and we’ve gotten blown out in every one of them but one. I try to always look at the bright side, but at some point you have to be realistic. This team has shown us who they are. They aren’t going to magically start playing defense this late in the year. At least last year we showed we could compete on the road and we were decent defensively. This year we are if Barford or Macon can make enough shots to win us a game. And they’ll win us enough games to make the tournament, they are that good. But, this isn’t a good team, I vastly overrated them. I thought with 7 seniors we would have a sense of urgency and guys would take some pride each and every game. I should have known when 2 of them started off the season suspended that wasn’t going to be the case.

That must’ve been a hard post for you.
I’m not trying to pile on, but you are saying a lot of stuff that you hammered others for just a few short weeks ago.
I gave you a hard time about Beard before but mostly I agree with you.
You can’t handicap a team that already struggles to score out of the gate by sitting your best shooter for a 25% shooter that is convinced he is a scorer.
Why do that?
Time after time. It’s not working.

I love my Hogs and I want Mike to get it done here.
I truly do. But why can he not see some things that ought to be obvious.
I almost hope it is the stubborn streak in him.
Because I’m even more concerned if that’s not it.

We can still turn this around but why must we make things so hard on ourselves?

Two bright sides…
Hall will be a player.
Gafford ain’t going nowhere.

Two, come on now Blu. We won @ Ga, and lost by three at Mistake, when they shot 40 FT’s to our 12. Plus that game CJ started his slump, and Barford was 4/15.

I’m not sure we will beat LSU, but we are a team that plays exactly opposite of what we expect. I still think our best shot is at Ole Miss, and Missery seems to be trending down. However, we still need to win 5 games to make the tourney. I know a lot of us believe this year 18/19 gets you in, but the committee does look at last 10. Finishing 3-7, 4-6 will probably get us a NIT bid. Good news, is we may actually win it.

Beat UGA. Had MSU beaten and the remaining road games are against similar caliber teams. I try not to make sweeping proclamations based on games we were predicted to lose (like this one).

Seems odd that you are but I understand the frustration.

This happens most years. We look like garbage on the road. We bail on them and count them out and then they win a couple of tossup games or expected losses.

Then, we look around and realize our road record is like most everyone else’s–and our home record is good.

I’m frustrated with the loss but I expected it. Tamu has been good at home since getting their players back.

No one (ok almost no one) wants to play d.

In last few minutes, One of our centers let two guys passed him like they planned it.

Sutton and Richardson talked of D and desire.

This team has no D desire.

We have suffered bad ball in the dark times post Nolan, but this D performance in some games among worst I’ve seen ever for a program built on d.