Why do people keep saying teams aren't good?

I sure hope your right and a good indication will be how this weekend turns out. A good showing would surely help in the recruiting process I would think. WPS

Reminds me of how good the SEC was the year Nolan was fired.

Blu, there you go harshing their agenda with facts again. Much easier to blindly say “we suck” and be done with it.

I think the SEC will perform well this weekend, Looking at the match-ups I think we win 6-4. Only thing that concerns me is 3 of the best teams in the conference in Auburn, LSU, and Mississippi State aren’t participating. If those 3 were in it, I would have had the SEC winning 7 or 8 games against the Big 12. I just think SEC is much better than they are this year. We have 6 ranked teams, they only have 3 at the moment.

I never once said if you lose to a mid major team then you are automatically not a good team. Upsets happen and not every good team is from a power conference. The vast majority of the low d1 and mid majors do not match up with power conference teams.

You completely ignore Mizzou’s record and hang your hat on their NET ranking. The fact is they are 10-7 and 1-4. That is not a good team. It is okay if you think it is. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good win for the Hogs.

I’ve been a fan since Eddie was coach. I love my hogs! Nolan will always be my favorite. I want Mike to stay here as long as he wants to. We all need to remember criticism comes with the territory. Mike needs to recruit some bigs to help next year period. He can do it if he will! This year is a wash!

But, you just said…

You seem to be all over the place trying to cover your tracks. You said earlier that mid-major teams are irrelevant and referred to them as cupcake teams, and said only match-ups with power conference teams matter. Now you are saying not every good team comes from a power conference and upsets happen all the time… So, which is it? Also, FYI, if you watched college basketball outside of the Arkansas Razorbacks you’d know that just because a mid-major beats a high major school doesn’t mean it was an upset. There’s teams in the AAC, CUSA, A10 etc. that would be favored against some high major teams. This has been the norm in college basketball for a while now.

Also, I’m aware of Mizzou’s record, at 10-7, that’s not a bad record, it’s a winning record. Florida is 11-7 and projected to be in the tournament, South Carolina is 10-8 and one of the hottest teams in the conference right now. So, I’m confused why you keep trying to tout their record as just being so bad, you seem to be trying really hard to diminish a win for the hogs. And I’m not trying to say Mizzou is some power house team, my point simply remains they are a quality team according to NET and that was a good win for our resume. I’m sorry that doesn’t fit with your “we suck” narrative, but those are facts and that’s my last response to you. This conversation went nowhere fast

Blu, I said above I didn’t think either Missery or aTm were good teams. I base it off the eye test. I’ve seen aTm a few times, I don’t think they’re very good right now, and looking at their remaining schedule, I don’t see a game where I say, “that’s a win.” I think they lose out. Now, when it comes to Missery, I’ve seen them twice, once against USCe, and once against us. I don’t think they are that good, but to your point, their two worst losses are to us and USCe (who as you said, maybe the hottest team in the league right now not named TN).So, they’ve played a quality schedule and have a winning record. I also looked at their remaining schedule, it’s not sunshine and rainbows. I actually think they finish 3-10. This isn’t me belittling AR winning, it’s just I don’t believe those two teams will end up being “quality” wins.

I actually think we end up going 6-7, which will put us at 17-14, and irritate the “Mike Haters” because it’ll be another non-losing season. 1-1 or 2-1 in the SECT and I think we will be a lock for the NIT, but they may surprise me and win more. At least I hope they do.

I’m talking about at this point in time. I can’t predict the future if somebody will be a good win or not 2 months from now. Up to this point in time, Mizzou has played a quality schedule, beaten some good teams projected in the field, and don’t really have any bad losses. That’s why even with 7 losses their NET is still solid.

We all got opinions on how we think teams will finish, truth is none of us know how the SEC is going to play out, and it never plays out like people thinks it should, it’s not even half-way through conference yet. Last year when we started 1-3 people were talking about how bad we were then, and we ended up finishing 10-8. This year none of us would have guessed South Carolina was capable of starting 5-1 and I’m sure they failed the eye test to many a couple weeks ago, but that’s college basketball, things change drastically over a couple of games. For example, we win these next 2 games, people go from talking about firing CMA, to now people are back talking about what seed we are going to possibly be in the tournament.

I don’t disagree about predicting, things change. You’re 100% right about USCe as well, three weeks ago, I thought they sucked.

I don’t think we will beat TT, I WANT TO just because of all the Fire Mike, Hire Chris statements that have been made, and the fact it’ll set off a firestorm of “you remember when you said this” posts. I think it’s funny to watch.

But if we do beat TT, I think we have a chance to win the next 3-4 games after that, and you’re correct, the NCAAT talk will begin again.

Haven’t read any final four predictions. Is it ok to celebrate a victory for a young team that needs a little confidence?

Do you not know what “vast majority” means? I don’t know the exact numbers, but when you consider the power 5 plus Big East makes up the major conference teams is less than 100 teams. That means they’re well over 200 teams that are considered mid major and low d1. Of course, you have Gonzaga and Houston and a few other teams that are as good as just about any major conference team. Most of those 200+ teams though are teams that major conference teams should win pretty easily. You seem to think anybody with a winning record is a good team. I simply disagree. Mizzou is not a good team. If me saying that makes you think that diminishes the Hogs win over them then I am sorry.

I guess a sorry Vandy team @ 9-9 that took the #1 team in the nation-Tenn to OT before narrowly losing is just. A sorry team that almost knocked off a power house.

Or if anyone can remember many moons ago a NC St team @ 19-11 won the NC over Phi Slama Jama-Houston was just that as well.

Oh I know AR & Mizzu still suck huh!

Exactly, Vandy record wise, is the worst team in the conference, and they took the best team in the country to OT, should have beat them, they out played them, but a silly technical foul cost them the game.

People think in basketball if a team is not ranked or if they aren’t in Lunardi’s current bracket that a team is automatically bad. That’s literally all the research some people do on a team. “They aren’t in the tournament field at this moment, Arkansas only beat them because they are bad.” I guarantee you everybody that’s on here saying this team is bad and that team is bad, probably hadn’t watched those teams play other than the games they played against Arkansas.

That Mizzou team blew out a Texas A&M team on their home court, and that Texas A&M team beat an Alabama team, who beat Kentucky, who’s a top 10 team. People don’t do the research and see who the team has played and how well they played against other teams, sometimes you’re literally a few bad possessions away from being a really good team. At one point this year we were 4 bad possession from being a ranked team and undefeated, but you have people on here that don’t look at that and strictly look at record and say we’re bad. Sometimes your record can be not so great and you can still be a good team that’s capable of beating any team on any given night, Vanderbilt showed that last night.

Winning never sucks… especially against Mizzou which actually believes they have a better BB program than the Hogs do.

You are correct Hogsrus.

2 hours in:
Iowa State beats Ole Miss
Baylor beats Alabama
TCU beats Florida

We know what conference you’re pulling for so you can come on here and feed your agenda of how much CMA and the razorbacks suck.

Too bad 3 of our best teams aren’t participating. Every major analyst knows how strong the SEC is this year. Anybody that watches college basketball knows these last 2 years have arguably been the strongest the SEC has ever been.


2-4 now. Very nice to see UGA knock off UT