Why do people keep saying teams aren't good?

This is simply not true.

Every team in the SEC is good this year. The worst team in the league record wise, just took the #1 team in the nation into OT and almost beat them. South Carolina who has the worst NET of all the SEC teams is currently 5-1 in conference. Texas A&M who we beat on the road, beat Alabama on the road, and that Alabama team beat Kentucky, who’s one of the hottest teams in the country right now. I’m looking on twitter people are talking about how bad this Mizzou team is. This Mizzou team has beat Xavier, UCF, and Oregon State which are all decent teams, especially UCF, they are currently 15-3 and firmly projected in the tournament field by every bracketologist.

I’ve never seen the SEC this good from top to bottom. Last year was good, this year the conference is great. I think the league can possibly get 9 teams in this year. It’s really strong, and I think everybody is going to see how strong this Saturday in the Big 12/SEC Challenge.

Haven’t seen that here but haven’t read all of the threads. My experience on other boards is that they don’t want any momentum for the team and/or Mike. A win puts Mike a little further from being fired. Again, JMO

You’re kidding yourself if you think Mizzou and A&M are good. Mizzou isn’t absolutely horrible like they were a few years ago. I will always enjoy a win over them, but they are not good.

Mizzou has a NET of 75 out of 353 teams. NET is completely unbiased and goes strictly off teams performances and metrics. Unless my math is wrong that means that they are rated among the top 25% of college basketball teams (21.2%) to be exact. Maybe in your opinion they are not “good” but based on the numbers, they aren’t a bad team at all. In fact a top 75 NET win at home counts as a quadrant 2 win in the eyes of the NCAA selection committee, which is considered quality win that will help your resume in March. I don’t care about people’s opinions on how they think a team looks, I care about what the committee thinks about a team and they use the NET and the quadrant system. If they start using the JbHogman48 system, then I’ll care if you think a team is good or not.

Here’s an article you can reference to learn more about how the NCAA quadrant system works.

https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-me … mphasizing

I understand how the quadrant system works. They won’t be top 100 when the regular season is finished and that is when the NET ratings mean anything.

Mizzou is 10-7 overall 1-4 in SEC and those are the FACTS!! They will probably finish well below .500 in SEC play and probably have a losing record overall. If you think they are a good team knock yourself out, but they are not a good team. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy beating them. It is always a good day when the Hogs beat Mizzou in anything!

The NET rankings are only one tool the committee uses to determine the teams in the NCAA tournament, but not the only tool. They also use the eye test. If they didn’t there would be no reason for the committee. They would only use the order of the teams in the rankings that did not win an automatic bid to determine the at large teams.

Dude nothing you said is a fact except their record, which is an overall winning record, so you just killed your own argument that they are a bad team. If they are so bad, why do they have a winning record, why have they beaten teams projected in the NCAA tournament field, and why do the metrics have them as a top 75 team?

I don’t do the “What If” game. I go by the data that we have now. At this moment in time, Mizzou has a NET of 75, they are a quadrant 2 win for us, and that’s considered a quality win by the NCAA committee. Those are the only facts I care about. If you want to discuss where you think each team will finish and what their final NET will be 2 months from now, you’re welcome to go start a prediction thread, I started this thread to present facts on how strong the SEC is and how from bottom to the top it’s full of quality teams. So far, you’ve provided no factual evidence to disprove that.

Blu this is sound logic but they don’t want to hear it

#facts. Many don’t want to see the hogs win if that means Mike Anderson is the coach

Let the season play out, Mizzou isn’t a good team but quite your NET stats to feel better. SEC record points out that our two wins are over schools with a combined 1 SEC win? Does that make you feel good? It was a game of two weaker teams and we won! Let’s celebrate the win, but let’s also see where things are in a month. There is still plenty to be concerned about for Hog fans.

As young as the hogs are ANY win is a good win . I really don’t care if A&M or Mizz are good are not. The bottom line is we beat them. I have been following the hogs since the 60’s, I have never seen so many people griping about wins. This board is getting more like the free board everyday. It is getting OLD with at the negative people on here. Message boards are supposed to be fun to be on especially after a win.

You sure about that?

I stand corrected, I thought Aggies had zero wins in conference. Let’s celebrate all the more bc we beat 2 bad teams! If Mike turns it around and we make the NIT, it’ll be a decent season but it’s still hard to be excited about that when this is year 8, without a Sweet 16. He did that at both Mizzou and UAB in shorter tenures. It doesn’t seem to be happening here. Blame it on transfers or better league overall or other teams cheating(I am sickened by LSU success knowing they bought those kids), but when Mike came back I wasn’t expecting Nolan success but at least what he’d done at previous stops.

The word “good” is subjective and I think a better observation is that there are no bad teams in the SEC. I don’t see a lot of what I would consider “good” teams in the bottom half of the conference but I do see talent and parity.

Going to end up with a lot of teams bunched up from 8-14 in conference IMO.

First off, both Mizzou and Texas A&M have 1 win each, which 1 + 1 = combined 2 wins. And by your logic Mississippi St and Auburn aren’t any good either because they both have a losing record in SEC and only 2 SEC wins each.

Also, I like how when after we lose, you guys come on here and post like it’s the end of the world, and when we say let the season play out, you guys try make fun of us and tell us how we’re the worst team in the SEC. However, after a win, you say we only won because the other team is bad, even when they have a better NET than us, and you say let the season play out you’ll see that this team is bad. Seems like you only want to let the season play out when it’s beneficial to bashing the Hogs. Gotta love the hypocrisy.

I don’t believe either Mizzou or TAM are what I would call ‘good’ teams. That being said, any conference win is a good win–and this was definitely a good and much-needed win for the Hogs. Hopefully, this will give us a little momentum and confidence going into a tough road matchup at TTU this weekend. I’d love to see the SEC whip up on the Big XII in this challenge.

I agree with you.

I guess I might have a different definition of good than other people. I think if you’re around the top 20% of anything you do you’re pretty good at it. I don’t think people realize how many teams are in division 1 basketball. Any team that’s around the top 150ish is a decent team IMO. I watch a lot of college basketball and there’s a lot of teams, especially at the mid-major level that have records of only a few games above .500, but they have some good players and capable of beating anyone on any given night.

Also, it’s kinda funny because a football team can finish 7-6 or 8-5, and play in a bowl game, and people will think that’s a “good” team and it’s a good year for a lot of programs. But, if a basketball team finishes 17-15 or 18-14, and make the NIT, CIT, or whatever, people will say that wasn’t a good team, even though percentage wise that team finished better when you talk about the amount of teams in basketball compared to football. It’s a real common misconception that a lot people don’t think about.

I think most people realize how many Division 1 teams are in basketball, but the vast majority of those teams are irrelevant to the power conference teams. They are teams that are scheduled in the nonconference as cupcake wins. It is how power conference teams stack up against other power conference teams that matter.

Might want to let the SEC office know that those games are “cupcake wins” because we didn’t get the memo this year. All but 5 of the SEC teams lost to a mid-major schools in the non-conference, some with multiple losses, including South Carolina who is 5-1 in conference with wins over ranked Auburn and Mississippi State. So by your logic the SEC, who has 6 ranked teams in conference right now, only has 5 teams that are good because those are the only teams that didn’t lose to teams that are “Cupcake wins.”

Like I said, I use facts, you’ve yet to bring any to the conversation college basketball for quite a while now has had many mid-major programs that are very good and can beat a high major team on any given day. A mid-major literally just beat the best team in the country last year in the first round of the NCAA tournament, but you still refer to them as “cupcake wins” that’s just not knowing anything about college basketball…