Why do our receivers seem to stumble a lot on deep passes...

in tight coverage? Is it just me or did anyone else catch that? It’s hard to get 50/50 balls when your stumbling. Gotta get stronger!!!

I’ve seen a few stumbles this season, but it doesn’t seem any more than I have seen in other games

I noticed the same thing. I also wonder why if Coles passing was was so off why wasn’t he jerked… It seemed he would throw to one spot and the receiver would cut the other way.

When I see a QB throw to a spot where a receiver isn’t, I think it is usually the WR running the wrong route.

That being said, Cole has some bad, bad passes

Because we can not physically beat the defender in press coverage at the line of scrimmage.

It some cases its because we are too slow, and other cases its because we are too small.

Yep, but it’s tough to throw down field when your looking over your left shoulder to see if a train is coming! WPS