Why didn't we recruit Demarea Crockett?

The RB from LR has 146 yds before half at Tenn. and is just shy of 1000 yards rushing on the year as a freshman at Mizzou. He will probably get there in this game if he doesn’t get hurt.

He isn’t a burner but he is very good. He reminds me of Rawleigh.

Because we thought, correctly, that Whaley and Hammond are better.

Hammonds may ultimately be better in the long run, but so far, I have seen nothing to suggest that–especially as a RB–a position of much more need for us than WR.

Hammonds is too small to get a lot of carries. Crockett is a top 5 SEC back.


I don’t believe Crockett would be the same RB at Arkansas as he is at Mizzou. Our coaches don’t give Whaley or Hammond the ball, much less give it to Crockett if he was no the team.

Hammond has wasted a year, he could go off the next 2 and he still would have wasted a year. He should have redshirted.

If you are going to play these guys, then play them.

I assume you mean some day he might be a top 5 back. He is not one now.

Because our coaches cannot really see special talent when other SEC coaches can’t.

Crockett is a nice looking back, similar to Williams. But we don’t need another SEC RB, or TE, we need more OL and as many LBs and DBs as we can find.

I’m absolutely sold and okay with a 3-deep of Williams, Whaley and Hammonds.

He’s going to give us all we want next week…

I think I could run for a buck fifty against our defense.

I wouldnt trade any one of our top three backs for Crockett. Crockett hasn’t played the same caliber defenses we have played.

We could have used Crockett. We had room for him. We need to take all the qualified in-state talent there is.

That is the one thing about the deal that bothers me, We had room. Not saying he is or isn’t better than what we got, but appears to clearly at least be “SEC talent” and we had room.

That all may be true. You know a lot more about football than I do.

I think Hammonds is the better talent, long term. I was mainly just talking about roster depth right now. We have been perilously close to some major issues at RB in terms of depth.

IMO we should have played Hammonds more. But, I think the biggest reason we didn’t is ball security. His is as bad as I have seen.

I wish he would have played Hammonds, more, but I also have seen the tweets coming from his Dad from Day 1 and I’m convinced that if he has any sway with Hammonds and we had redshirted him he would have left.

I hope he stays. He can be really good for us and he’s not as small as I thought.

Also, I wasn’t suggesting Crockett over any of those, necessarily. There are some other RBs on the roster who can’t play bc of injuries or talent disparity.


I meant top 5 RB rushing yardage. I thought he was after today. If not, he’s close. I assumed you knew that, since you’re a doctor, but then I remembered that you’re not a doctor.