Why didn't we challenge LSU that first half?

We had two weeks to prepare for LSU. That offensive game plan and play calling could only be described as inept. We you are 2-7 and 0-5 in the SEC, what do you have to lose by going right at LSU and being aggressive? We came out timid and just looked like we were trying to run out the clock the whole first half. We threw these little short, scared passed in the flat and to the sideline all half when we did throw it. Why not go right at them with the passes down the middle of the field?

What would have happened if we had used the same scheme the first half that we did the second half. Maybe, and I realize it is a huge maybe, we get up on LSU by the half, and LSU in the second half has a turnover or two and we squeak out a win. You certainly aren’t going to beat LSU with the game plan we came up with that first half. Runnng scared is the term that comes to mind. Surely, they have enough confidence in Ty Storey to let him play.

I am just disappointed we didn’t really challenge LSU that first half. The second half…we looked so much better attacking the middle of the field. We gave the Bayou Bengals a good challenge in the last half, but by then…it was too late.

Our defense played pretty well, I thought. We have a solid defensive line and a couple of good linebackers. If we could ever put some points on the board early, we might win a game.

I did see passes called for receivers in the middle of the field in the first half. The pass protection was non existent. LSU blitzed and Ty Storey was down quickly or threw the ball away. What happened in the second half – and that was mainly in the fourth quarter – was better protection. When the blitzer comes untouched, you probably don’t have a time to see (as a fan) where that play was going. I did see an open receiver or two on those plays, but the rush was there so fast that it wasn’t going to happen.

By the same token, LSU’s protection was perfect on the first TD pass. The receiver had time to run a double move and for the coverage to roll away from him as Joe Burrow padded the ball and took his time. That kind of protection makes it easy to run any pattern and call any play.

I agree it is very hard to see routes with TV coverage but I hear people saying TY holds the ball too long and on a lot of those we are running 3 deep verticals and don’t have a check down receiver in the middle or in the flats to dump it off to, so he has to hold onto it to give them time to get open,very hard for any OL to do that.Hopefully we saw we have WRs that can make plays in the middle(doesn’t have to be very deep 10-12 yds) if we give them a chance.

LSU does have a really good defense., but for the life of me I don’t understand the high anxiety offense we were running for the first three quarters. It seemed to me every offensive play required at least two Razorback substitutions. It allowed LSU to run two defenders on to the field With the official straddling the ball waiting for their substitution. I was setting right behind the LSU bench and they would take their happy time lopping on to the field. I fully understand that coach Morris is nursing this offense along, but 11 games in I have been hopping for a faster pace with the same personnel on the field for more than one play.

Chad Morris had a losing record in a weak conference.

I get wishful thinking but if he can’t get to 500 in the AAC why would he suddenly win in the toughest conference?

The reason Arkansas had a good 4th quarter is LSU players were shaving points.

It’s obvious the rb was. And if he was it only makes sense that there were defensive players involved too.

Oh well. Like I say every week. One week closer to the next coach.

In regard to recruiting. It’s awesome. The cupboard will be stocked when we get a decent head coach. I’m betting 2021.

Elmos back, liked the Elmo name better than his current handle

Uninformed re: his SMU tenure. Not surprising though - most fans are at a surface level and don’t dig a little deeper for context.

LSU brought blitzes a lot and some were very creative. Several times there was a standing player over the center. Can’t tell if it was a DE, LB, or Safety (the way they do numbers these days) but that created quite a distraction. They would bring Devin White behind that guy on a stunt. Fast and not intimidated by our run game, they filled holes and went straight to Storey.

Storey holds the ball too long. A few passes he may have panicked and put the ball behind the WR because he had to get rid of it quicker than anticipated. I get that. It was one of the original critiques of Storey that he has improved upon until LSU - throwing late and behind receivers.

I thought LSU’s defense was better than Alabama’s, or we at least exposed Bama but couldn’t decipher LSU until they went prevent late in the game and Devin White wasn’t charging at Storey.