why did we not decline the penalty

when Drew Locke was dumb enough to run for a TD on the last Miz drive? We would have had more than a minute and needing a TD to extend to OT, but that was better odds than hoping for a missed FG from point blank range. Clock management has never been a strong suit for recent Razorback teams and I believe that expecting a TO or a missed FG rather than putting in the hands of the O against that pathetic Miz defense was the wrong course of action. Maybe BB was hoping that Cole Hedlund was dressed in black? The only way to win was to let Miz score and take the ball and make a legendary story. I’m pretty sure this scenario played out at UAPB with Switzer’s son in the middle 90’s and has been done elsewhere. Game awareness was one of my first misgivings about BB and so it ended.

You could do that. You can also think you are going to stop them or they are going to miss the field goal. Or you might block it. That’s happened during Bret’s time at Arkansas. Unfortunately, that was Arkansas doing the miss thing, or not getting it in. With that defense, there was not going to be a stop. So maybe that would have been the better option, let them score, or at least decline the penalty.

plus our KO return has shown promise and with on minute left the Miz coaching staff would have had to decide how to play that. risk a long KO or squib with short field. Pressure would have transferred to Miz and some to our Offense, but odds of us winning is infinitesimally greater with offense than yesterday’s defense. A Miz TD by Locke would have made us give up more than 700 yards which should be a 2 game problem and speaks to a problem of ever stopping Miz in OT.

Does BB have anyone on staff to float those ideas? Neuheisel had hypotesized the idea on a third and long that he expected BB and Enos to have a play for 4th down if it was reasonable yardage left before the third down had been executed. Who would step up and say Coach"…options are…"? if we had entertained letting them score? I thought BB again threw Enos under the bus at halftime when he told the CBS sideline guy that he did not understand why were not continuing to run the ball on deep penetrations because we were still successful at running. Duh, Coach you are the head guy and have dictatorial veto power or endorsement.