Why did they cancel the First Responder Bowl ...

instead of waiting it out? I THINK I read that they were predicting a 5 hour delay. While that is not great, if I travel thousands of miles to a bowl game I think a 5 hour delay is much better than canceling the game. And for the teams, they practiced for weeks, traveled, went though all the events etc. for days leading up to the game and then don’t play it over a 5 hour delay???

Am I missing something? I assume I am.

Sorry if this has been discussed.

The little I read on it says both teams, players and coaches wanted to call it off. And it implied most fans also.

They played a quarter and it started raining and lightning from the reports I read.

It was expected to be a 5-hour delay so they got with both teams and both agreed to call it off.

It’s ESPN’s game. They had other programming later. I don’t think it served their needs any more. No one would ever say that, but I believe that is part of it. FYI, almost all of the bowl games are now owned by ESPN. I don’t think the teams had much desire to wait around, either. There was no place safe to put fans, either. Five hours is a long time to postpone. And, as anyone can tell you, there was nothing at stake once ESPN didn’t need the programming.

The game is secondary to the additional practice days that coaches have with their players to teach, evaluate and develop for next season.
Give them both a participation trophy.

We have to at some point stop rewarding mediocrity!

Cap the bowl games at 20-25.
Bowl eligibility increased to 7 wins.
Post season practice time awarded to all D1 programs that finish the regular season with at least .500 record

Go Hogs!

Money corrupts and a lot of money corrupts everything.

And make the playoffs minimum of 6, preferably 8 :sunglasses:

I get the argument for more teams in the playoffs, but I like it as it is.

No matter how many you add, there will be someone who thinks that their team was shorted. Just look at basketball, 64 teams are more than enough, but they had to add more.