Why did Louisville fire the OC?

From what I understand, the game plan that Louisville received was new offensive plays that Wake had been working on. According to their head coach is was completely different plays, empty sets and so forth that they had never run before.

Therefore, the Louisville DC would be the one looking at this game plan and it wouldn’t make any difference for BPs offensive game plan.

I get that the Co-OC is the one that was contacted and given the game plan, but it’s obvious that Louisville looked into the info given, as Jurich admitted to.

What am I missing here?

They didn’t.

He was suspended for their bowl game!

He’s asking why they disciplined the OC and not the coaches who benefited from the info. But, I’m sure you understood that.


In hope that blood on the door post majes the Angel of judgement to pass over and not look deeper here - goes to the next house

AD has taken heat over this and the FB coach we know already

Very tight lips in Louisville ever since the BB recuiting sex scandel

The Gov has fired the trustee board
That’s in court

President of university has been fired

Audit of trustee board shows irregularities and that isn’t over

With all that happening - the firing of an OV may be enough to keep the death angel at bay because the university has significant problems

And that isn’t talking about the on campus ranker affecting many university campus today -

It’s a mess

It’s called a scapegoat, nothing more.

He was the conduit. And it was sensed most dirty. Not saying dirt wasn’t on others, too. But he is the scapegoat and I understand it knowing how Bobby operates. Is there anyone who believes Bobby did not know? The day he doesn’t know what his coaches are doing is the day he is out of coaching. He knew and the Louisville AD knows him well enough to know he knew.

It’s perfectly obvious the CBP knew exactly what was going on and used it to his immediate advantage. That’s just the way he rolls. I hope all the BP lovers out there are playing close attention to what win-at-all-cost gets you. And to put that shameful era finally behind us for good, I’m calling out all the mods to regale us with what exactly Petrino pulled at the Cotton Bowl. Enough of this hinting around. How 'bout it?

He’ll get in done in about 10-15 minutes and then be able to enroll at mid-term at his chosen school - Arkansas, Michigan State or Minnesota.

for real

This I agree with.

Total aside, but it makes a point. Years ago I was on the Board of a nonprofit (at this point newly appointed). We were at a Board meeting. The lady sitting beside me (a Board member) keeps saying very vague negative things about the, Executive Director. An important vote came up on a program the ED wanted to launch. This lady kept whispering to me stuff like “we shouldn’t do this, he (the ED) is making money on the side on this” etc. When I would ask “what exactly are you talking about?” She would say, “I can’t say right now.” OK, ether “put up or shut up.” How am I supposed to vote against a really good program launch based on vague accusations? I voted to launch the program. She got all POed, years went by, she finally got enough support on the Board to fire the guy. But you know what? There was never any evidence that he did anything wrong (he was a jerk, and I don’t regret that he is gone, but he wasn’t doing the crap she was accusing him of doing.)

I have been hearing about BP’s misbehavior at the Cotton Bowl since right AFTER he was fired (not a word that I can recall being said about it before). What is the story?


"Target "

Dirt follows some everywhere they go. Anyone can have a misdeed or two but repeated misconduct gives new meaning to “where there is smoke there is fire”.

Two that come to mind Bobby Petrino and John Calipari. Their records speak for themselves.

And explain how anyone can support keeping Petino on as coach at UL? Sorid mess all the way around.


If the cycle shoe fits. And it does.


I’ve made some inquiries to someone who I know was in Dallas that week and should be able to shed some light on the Petrino misdeeds. Will report back if and when he provides any info.

I think Louisville is going to burn eventually. The media may do their jobs and keep putting the truth out to pressure the sham we call the NCAA. It’s odd that one school can have so many scandals in 2 sports programs. Louisville employs and condones what 2 coaches have done by continuing to employ them without penalties or dismissals. Petrino and Pitino are the epitome of dirty and unethical. This whole episode is a great example of why Long did the RIGHT thing to fire Petrino.

Maybe Clay, DD, Matt or RD can answer.