Why did Kentucky back out of PK80 in Portland

The hogs were last team to be invited. Seriously Oklahoma and Texas are better basketball schools? And Kentucky is too good wth?

I don’t know why Kentucky backed out. I think it had something to do with conflicting dates for another game/event it had scheduled.

As for Texas and Oklahoma, there is an NCAA rule that says teams from the same conference can’t be in the same early-season bracket. This is a different deal because there are two brackets within the same event.

So once Florida and Kentucky (reportedly) were set, there was no room for another SEC school until Kentucky backed out. Arkansas and Florida won’t be in the same bracket. Same goes for UNC/Duke, Ohio State/Michigan State, etc.

Does that mean there won’t be a championship match between the 2 winners of the two 8 team brackets? That could set up a possible match within the same conference.

It is my understanding that they will not play each other. Every team in the event will play three games.