Why did I have a post that was waiting for approval

I had some idiot call me an idiot and I was just simply replying to it but it said it had to be approved… never heard of that before, what was going on with that???

That’s generally because it included some magic word that triggers a filter. I had one last week that required approval because I said someone (not a poster) was making a word-that-rhymes-with-grass of himself. And that three letter word triggered approval.

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Same thing happened to me today. I reread it and changed a word and everything was OK

I used POTUS the other day referring to Nixon at the "69 texass game and they had to ok it. Guess it could have been political. Guess this will have to be approved as well due to that word. Will see.

I’ve posted this before, but after the fiasco we had on this board last summer, several filters were put in place to keep threads from getting out of hand. There are very few posts that I won’t allow, but it gives us the ability to review them and it keeps threads from getting out of hand.


Imagine trying to make a living as a stand-up comic in our ‘gotcha’ PC world. Thankfully, we now have the diversion of weekly football and a few other sports being played. Bread and circuses is what we are asked to pay attention to. Move along nothing to see or hear or think about. Mindlessly we nod for a while longer. Are we waiting for our yearly Bama beatdown or listening for the next Fort Sumpter? I wonder.

I have now watched the drubbing we put on the Longhorns three times-not counting a couple of great highlight clips.
Then I had fiasco trading day that cost me a couple of airline tickets to the Berkshires. And now today has the inkling of an impending bubble popping contest.
I may have to watch the Horn beatdown again to clear my mind. Lord have mercy, we have gone for what seems an eternity since we beat the Aggies.

Long time coming and probably well overdue. May just be the tip of the iceberg. We still may blindly ignore and rally tomorrow.

Yeah I have no problem with that.
I had just never seen that before and I was just curious to what it was about.

With my current positions, I sure hope this is but a tremor.

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I am no where near smart enough to figure out when to get in or out of the market. I for sure don’t have the GUTS to follow my uneducated feelings. My gut told me to sell everything in February of 2020, that COVID was going to kill the market, but I didn’t have the guts to listen to myself. I will say that even if I had, would I have known when to get back in? Probably not. Doing the first move doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know when to do the second one!

I am close enough to retirement that bust are starting to scare me. But NOT close enough that I can just pull everything out and say “I can just live off what I got.” Frustrating. (Not trying to hijack the thread, sorry!

I love trading. It is my drug of choice. I have days, even weeks, where I think I hate this, I need to find a different path. However, when we manage to get out of town for a week or longer I have to take our laptop or I would never be at peace. Mostly I absolutely love it, but not today.

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