Why did Hog fans rush the field?

I believe a smart part was because we beat a #15 ranked team handily. A bigger part was because that team was Texas. I believe most of those jumping onto the field felt like I did - finally there is hope. Hope to finally field a team to be proud of, win or lose. Hope that after years of dismal embarrassing performances, there is optimism for Razorback football again. Hope that this program under CSP has turned the corner. Hope that better days are ahead for these players who obviously care about playing for the UofA.
Clay, this would be a great time to follow up our discussion a month ago and call Tommy Brasher and address the effort of this team. I know he was watching.


You nailed it - it was unleashing years of frustration.


It was a combination of things. It was Texas. Texas was ranked. We weren’t ranked and haven’t been in ages. We’ve been atrocious. We won big. We saw a spark of what we hope to be and have been in the past.

We were just infused with joy that had to spill out. It was glorious. But I hope we don’t have that combination of events again. I hope the next time we storm the field it’s because of an SEC or, better yet, a national championship


I would say the majority of it had to do with 18-19 years olds that looked for an opportunity to rush the field while in college, since 90% of those on the field were students, and many of those students happen to hate Texas as much as the alumni.

So would we get fined rushing field at Jerry’s world? Nxt it’s $250,000

think Jerry Jones would be happy to pay that out of his pocket if we beat A&M!..and technically…its a neutral site

Years of frustration. It was Texas. Light finally at the end of the tunnel. It was Texas.

Of course, we hope that winning big games will become old hat, but it has been so long.

Also, it was mostly (at first at least) college students being college students and very much a part of being a college student. I don’t begrudge that. Enjoy it. There has been little of that.


yes, because it’s about safety.

Same reason why they rushed the field after beating LSU in 2014. I had to explain that to a Tiger fan after the game.

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