Why did Ga. Tech start season with an ACC game?

I’ve never heard of that and hope that never happens in the SEC.

Not sure, I’ve followed Tech a long time, but it was their first ACC road game to begin their season since 1979. Tech won on 11/5 this season in OT.

I’ll add that in this season’s first game Tech held NC State to their season low shooting percentage 38.0%. NC State is 5-1. Since the Tech game, NC State has averaged shooting 48.8%. And, while Tech had a subpar season in 2018, they were third in the ACC in defense, and three of those starters have returned to the 2019 team.

ACC is playing 20 game conference schedule this year and had all teams opening up season with conference game or within the first week (duke). Besides spreading the games out over the full year, allowing more headline out of conference matchups, boosts ACC TV network. Coaches weren’t jumping with joy

Duke still hasn’t played a conference game. Of course, they would be the exception that didn’t have to play an early conference game. ACC has an unbalanced (15 teams) conference in basketball with Notre Dame included.