Why did Frank stay?

Was offered a million dollar contract with ga tech in 1967 and stayed here

My thoughts:

  1. He loved Arkansas
  2. He did not want to uproot his family
  3. He had a vision he wanted to complete
  4. Personal wealth was not his priority

Whatever his reasons the state of Arkansas was the big winner not the mention coaches, players and fans from then till today.

Thanks J. Frank Broyles…we love you!

I think coaches in that era were much more content. He also turned down the Atlanta Falcons. I think he loved being in Arkansas and knew he had a good thing here.

He loved GA Tech as well… but he told us why he loved the situation at Arkansas more. State loyalty… no in-State rivalry. He did not want to play second fiddle in Georgia and in the Georgia media, to UGA. (Like any normal GA Tech grad, he didn’t like 'em… not one bit. Although I am sure he had tremendous respect for Coach Dooley.)

The relationships were perfect at Arkansas. He thought it was the best place for his family. Don’t under estimate the role that Barbara Broyles played in him staying at Arkansas. She knew it was the best place she’d ever lived. Remember, they’d already moved a few times. That’s tough on a big family.

I remember Jerry Jones wanting Frank to come be the senior VP at the Cowboys. Frank thought about it. Even went to Dallas to look around. He said when he discussed it with Barbara she said, “You can go, but I’d tell Jerry you will need a jet to visit me.”

Incredible what he did for U of A and Arkansas in general.