why did dvh pull Reindl so quickly?

jake appeared to be vey unhappy in the dugout following the exit. was he doing something wrong mechanically? it was a key time in the game, i know, but i thought it was a very quick hook. Did dave say after the game?

This is only my opinion. The back to back singles came quick. Then a strike out. The 1-2 pitch that was up got hit hard foul and Coach came quick and made the change! Jake has gotten out of those spots before and today he may be back in there again. The game could have taken a big swing right there! It was closing time and the closer came in early.

My theory is, that he wanted to pull him to bring him back today. I think he was up to 15 pitches. Anything more and it was going to be tough to bring him back tomorrow.

I believe DVH said in his press conference last week he thinks Riendl is better on back to back days than he does with a day off in between. Just my thoughts.

Georgia had put three pretty good swings on him. That inning might have gotten away from Arkansas had Van Horn not made that move. Some nights a pitcher just doesn’t have it.

That last foul ball on 1-2 count made me think the hitter has him timed pretty good.
It worked out last night everyone should be happy and Jake didn’t extend his pitch count. He will be relied on some more. Loeske didn’t pitch last night so he may get in today!
I hope Murphy has his best stuff this afternoon.

I always expect Murphy to bring it. He is as consistent as any pitcher I can remember at Arkansas.

The earpiece that Koch has does not include a microphone does it? I would suspect Grant would be the first one to know if a pitcher was off and on the verge of getting hammered. If not a mic, I wonder if he has a sign that let’s Van Horn know when he thinks a pitcher is in trouble? Wouldn’t be surprised and I would not think it would ever be discussed publicly.

Those earpieces only have one-way communications. The coaches see when something isn’t right with a pitcher, whether it be a kink in the motion or how a batter attacks. I think Georgia had a hit on Reindl’s first three pitches. They had him scouted well.