Why did Davis leave the women's program

Watching Ole Miss and Stanford play a great game and have noticed Marquisha Davis playing for OM and it mentioned her leaving Arkansas… I remember her and she’s very good… why did she leave??

She didn’t get very much PT last season and just wanted to leave.

Started 22 of 31 games.She averaged 10 points a game… she would have done more than that this year…

Wasn’t Spencer projection as the starter the issue?

When Dunge graduated I had assumed Davis would be a major contributor along with Ramirez and Daniels, but Spencer quickly became a high producer with her combination of speed, drive plus outside shooting. That coupled with Goforth and Barnum playing inside Davis played less. I have nothing else factual. Having lived in the Delta I will offer the observation that Ole Miss has replaced Delta State as a comfortable place to go similar to home. NWA can be a challenge in that regard for a young woman from McGehee or Helena.

I don’t remember to be honest I just looked at her profile on their roster and said she started 22 games for us and Ave.10 points a game

I think Goforth’s arrival was the single biggest factor for Davis’ departure.

Spencer’s arrival was the primary cause for Eaton’s departure.

She hit two huge free throws with 15 seconds left put them up by 4 and allowed them to pull out the victory… 8 upset the 1 seed.

I agree with all said and I believe she left at an odd time. Elauna Eaton transferred to ole miss also she got a little play time as well with the hogs earlier in the season last year. If I remember correctly she was an ok shooter.

Little by little Rylee started getting the minutes Marquisha was getting. Marquisha was a turnover machine. Mike would usually yank her after one too many turnover.

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Thanks for all the info guys… I was just curious why she left, because I do remember having some good games for us.

Best answer was Raylee being the final nail.

The fact of Eaton’s size despite her three-point accuracy limited her time as well. Both had offense but you are correct on turnovers.

Sometimes we forget how close Ole Miss is to the Helena Bridge. It is a hop and skip from McGehee with the Pendleton Bridge east of Dumas. Culture and distance are a high ladder to climb in recruiting Black students to Fayetteville. MN’s guitar style could be helpful if it were Clarksdale based than Austin, but his sincerity comes across.

On recruiting I will never forget the fan frustration expressed during HDN’s time with the Black football players arrested on I-40 for DWI’s. Folks did not understand even in the 90’s, Black males continued to travel to central Arkansas to socialize. There was no Southern or Florida A&M across town much less in the Arkansas River Valley. That gradually changed back to the student demographics prior to NR’s dismissal. For women, it continues to be a problem faced in recruitment. Compare the spirit groups including the band along with groups of student fans in comparison to the racial composite of our two major sports teams. Take that a little further and consider everywhere you might go as a student in NWA. It is changing but compare the home communities and public schools composites of our Black student-athletes. I think MN has done a remarkable job in recruiting the state and needs encouragement to continue to do so. His taking the team to play ASU, UALR, UAPB, and yes, UCA is a good thing in the recruitment of not only athletes but students. It is slow a sports day until games late this afternoon and tonight.

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