Why did Billy Dawson leave Fayetteville High?

Nice break for Casey Dick. I’m sure he will make the best of it.

Because of the school district’s nepotism policy, he couldn’t hire his son, it’s the same reason Blankenship left.

What offense is CD running/what did he run at Rogers?

I have little doubt he’ll go spread at Fayetteville. When he was OC at Bentonville West, I was covering Springdale High and Har-Ber and his offense was wide open and threw the ball all over. Had a couple of solid backs, too, and Jaden Jackson, the receiver who’s going to Ole Miss. I’m not exactly sure what he ran at Van Buren last season, but in talking to people about him, he made that program more fun to watch than in year’s past.

Billy Dawson also had the opportunity to work for his brother’s lucrative turf business.

Casey was at BV-West and then one season as HC at Van Buren. Didn’t coach at Rogers.

Check…I had just read the article & remembered it as Rogers…my short term is bad.

I do not think Bill Blankenship or Billy Dawson left because they couldn’t hire their son. They left for better opportunities. Bill left to work with an old friend at Owasso and for his wife to be near their daughter and grand kids. The Owasso super was his super at Union. And, the players at Owasso were the best the school had ever assembled. He won a state championship that first year.

Billy Dawson is going to make a lot more money in private business selling field turf (or whatever they call his brand) than coaching, and work better hours. He won’t be working Friday-Saturday-Sunday any more.

Well, I know their attempts were turned down by the administration, you draw your own conclusions.

My conclusions were from direct communication from both men. That’s generally what I base my thoughts on. They both knew that rule when they came.

FYI, Bill’s son is not on his staff at Owasso.

I think that after a while that Billy Dawson just gets burned out. He left a very, very successful program at Nashville to preach for a while. Then he went up North with you guys. I don’t think that it is always about the $$ with Dawson. He is a good guy. We miss him.

To elaborate on what labb started, Dawson preached on a talent down cycle. While preaching, he went into a battered wife’s household in the middle of a night to get her and her kids away from the abusive relationship. He is a hero in sw Arkansas and a great coach, too.