Why Dalton hyatt will be the starter

Saw someone do this for Storey the other day and figured I’d copy.

I have this feeling that Hyatt will be the starter and here’s why.

Last summer we kept hearing about how good he looked in camp. Now a year later he’s had time to grow as a player, physically and mentally and I think he will be ready. From a stature stand point he’s everything you want in a qb, tall and very athletic. I think Chads offense fits him like a glove. Big accurate arm, and the athleticism to scramble when the pocket breaks down. My money is on Hyatt, because I think it’s a match made in heaven for his skill set.

I’m sure he will get his chance,

i like Him and I love Connor Noland plus the walkon Aune looks great and I’m not discounting kelly if he loses about 25 -30 Lbs and improves on hus accuracy.we have several options that can run this system.

I hope we can RS Connor. Hyatt is best suited it appears for this offense. I Think we have a unique situation with Aune coming in with more maturity and athleticism. Storey and Kelly are good kids.

I agree. I really like Cole, but the problem with guys who have an arm as big as he does, is they usually always have accuracy problems. I think with weight loss he will be more agile, but he’s not ever going to be a mobile qb. He can throw the deep route though and that will be his advantage to take.

I hope, like Hog Treat that Noland Red shirts, he is the future and we don’t need to throw him in too early.

Storey- good kid, I just honestly don’t see him passing anyone else in this list.

Curious to see Aune at the spring practice, I know very little about him.

Aune is the wild card https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fePrUlAy-2Q

I never heard anyone say Hyatt looked great in camp last season. He is athletic, but was not accurate as a passer. If he’s going to play, he must throw better than what I saw in the limited times we saw practice.

I cannot remember ever being this quarterback-rich going in to spring practice. All we need is one or two to rise to the occasion. I like our odds. This is so much fun for a fan.

Well it is certainly going to be a crowded QB room, there has to be an odd man or men out, especially if Aune earns a scholly along the way.
I guess that’s a good position to be in for the Coaches, but getting quality reps to m all will be interesting.

I doubt he’ll ever be on scholarship. The New York Yankees, from what I understand, are paying for his schooling.