Why commit and not sign?

It sounds like we only have one of our five commits that has signed early? Why would you go ahead and commit and not sign? I guess now we have to be worried that they might change their mind and not be able to sign until when March? Thanks

The fifth commit can’t sign until next year, only a JR in HS. Davis signed. The other three we are sweating out, hoping they stay. Right now, nothing indicates they won’t.

They want to see the product on the floor. Does it line up with what Muss and staff have been saying.

Hopefully so far they ALL like what they are seeing.

I think one of them is waiting for an elusive offer, which I don’t think is going to come, I think he is sold on Muss and not waiting to see the product.

well there are probably going to be some really bad games I’m afraid so hopefully it won’t scare them off…

So they trust what he’s telling them but need to see it to believe it??

Trust and verify. Heard that back in the 80s.

My only concern is that other coaching staffs, competing to gain commitments from these kids, will use potential future losses against us.
For instance, Kentucky. If they take notice and decide they have a real interest for one or two of these recruits, then maybe try to sway them after a possible win over the Hogs in January. Calipari wouldn’t hesitate to jump all over it. Just my opinion.

I don’t think it has to be a win over Hogs.