Why Coach O can recruit and motivate

Young men he recruits love him, even if they play elsewhere. Seems like a good dude. Watch the link below of him congratulating those 2 awesome Auburn D linemen.

Fascinating to me how he’s gotten to be a very good head coach after really not doing well at Ole Miss. I guess LSU really made the right hire. I’d love to have as a head coach a guy from Arkansas that exudes that sort of love for his state and school and that can genuinely relate to his players. Seems like Chad resorts to parlor tricks (taking logos off work out gear in the summer, the dumb “every” theme, Club Dub, etc.) for motivation and to get guys to play for him. You act like Coach O does around those young men and they’ll play hard for you. No parlor tricks needed. He’s got respect, admiration and credibility.

I think you’re making a point that isn’t there.

From everything I’ve heard, the players respect Morris. Remember, coach O didn’t start out very well at LSU and most of the fan base wanted him fired in his third year till a few victories started piling up. As for his coaching, having a pipeline into one of the richest recruiting bases(compared to Ole Miss) will make any coach look real good(refer to Jimmy Johnson at Oklahoma State then moved to Miami). By this comparison, who’s to say Morris can’t come up big down the line? I don’t know and you don’t know. Confirmation bias of this post just isn’t there.

I think the coach O model needs to be studied more carefully. He was not a home run hire by any means, fired at Ole Miss, interned at USC, but not retained. The hire was not well received. LSU is one of the premier coaching jobs, easily a top 20 job. When its open, it is usually the top job out there. Alot of critics and fans alike thought that LSU could have done much better. Then came the rough start and it did not appear it was going to last. But a couple of assistant coaching moves later, a hot QB and he is sitting in the Catbird seat. We know the persona, while not the most well spoken guy, he does not try to be someone he is not. Interesting in that the anti glamour hire is working out, just goes to show you that the shiny slick packaging is not always necessary.

I’m pretty sure the point is there. We know the “every” thing hasn’t remotely worked because goodness knows we’ve seen the team basically quit time and again once the offense reveals, each game, it is more proficient at turnovers than scoring. And I think everyone realizes “Club Dub” was a ridiculous failure. And if it was me, I’d pull all the Razorback logos off of everything after that San Jose St. disaster. CCM talks a good game about holding people accountable but then doesn’t follow through. I don’t think he really knows how to do it. These players know it. From what I’ve seen, Coach O — however he does it — does know how to motivate and achieve accountability.

And I happen to like his personality. Who couldn’t? Razormac said more articulately what I was trying to impart. Maybe it’s better to try and find a home-state guy that has true passion for Arkansas football. No doubt Coach O has that for LSU football and they are winning big time.

Time and again? That’s one thing that hasn’t happened is the team quitting.

The rest is your own personal bias which is fine, but far from fact.

And I can tell you that Morris absolutely has a love for this state and Razorback football.

That’s one thing that hasn’t happened is the team quitting.

I disagree with this part of your statement General. I have seen guys that many on here give credit for not quitting quit (or maybe I should say take plays off). They dang sure aren’t giving 100%. Most of those guys will be gone next year, whether Morris is or not, so maybe we get to see more of a true team next year.

It’s LSU for goodness sake. It almost recruits itself. Clear that the reason he is doing well at LSU is the talent he has. He did not have that at Ole Miss. But, I agree, he seems to be a good guy and can see why kids would like playing for him.

No, not generally quit. I probably agree. San Jose might be the exception (I blame Starkel’s turnovers for a lot of that though). Especially guys like Burks have not quit. But my point is that there is not a lot of “every” once the offense inevitably spits the bit in any given game.

Yes, some of the younger players and a couple older players give max effort, some do not and it’s evident

Coach O spoke at the NWA TD Club a few years ago. He talked a bit about what he had done wrong at Ole Miss. He learned from his mistakes, IIRC he tried to have his hand in every decision. Now he is making good hires and allowing his coaches to do their jobs.

What a concept.

He’s done a good job this year but I say they’ll stumble…NO NC in the works for Coach O in my
humble opinion. :sunglasses:

One of the issues I have is that we don’t seem motivated or fired up so to speak. We have something go wrong and we tend to fall flat and can’t get our enthusiasm level up to gain any momentum. One other thing is a issue that started back with CBB and that is players not showing up in the second half and very little coaching adjustments that are successful made at halftime by the coaching staff. I’m sure the depth issue contributes to the fatigue in the 2nd half which no doubt causes us to become slower as the game proceeds. As far as coaching adjustments at halftime I’ve just not seen decisions made that have changed our course toward better results. As far as hammer down it just hasn’t happened even with Hicks that has played for CCM for sometime now. We need to play competitive football from here out and should have a very good chance to win 3 out of the 4 games left.If we are not competitive in every game except LSU, there will have to be some changes made and I really have doubts that CMN would be agreeable to doing that under pressure. Continue to hold out hope that our coaches find the key that turns this team around. Would really like to see our seniors go out knowing they broke the Sec win drought and that they leave having contributed to the cause of setting the Razorback program back on course towards the greatness of yesteryears. GHG, WPS

There is a difference between quitting and not being focused.

It can be argued there has been some of both, but I would tend to lean to their being far more of the latter.

One is a heart thing, one is a head thing.

To label a kid as a quitter is a tough statement to make to me.

I’m surrounded by Louisianans, all day, every day, and I will say they Love Coach O.

I mean they love this guy, he’s one of them, he gets it, and he’s got a hell of a staff.

LSU does historically recruit really well so, that’s not that new. But even with that, they are recruiting at a different level right now. They are pulling guys from all over the country and passing up on high level instate guys. DC, Cali, All over the country. There’s a lot of excitement and guys want to play here.

If we don’t figure it out, I am applying for the fan transfer portal… lol, only partially kidding. I do pull for LSU now, it’s pretty easy to when they are this good. Just still kind of turns my stomach a little every once in a while, but then I turn the hogs on, and I feel it 10x worse.

Fair enough Dudley. Retract the “quit.” But they only play 12 games every year. Think about that in the context of lack of focus. I know it happens. Happened to OU last weekend. But with Arkansas it happens just about every game. Makes me pull out what little hair I have.

It’s been a long time since I have been on a football field in competition, but I doubt I was in it mentally at the top level on every play.

Especially since my girlfriend and future wife was looking so good over there on our sidelines in her pom pon outfit. :sunglasses:

Hence, my caution to watch one play and label someone a quitter.

One thing that I respected about Coach O was his understanding & ability to learn from his mistakes. He also recognizes his limitations & will seek outside help & change to improve the team. To jump-start the offense, he asked for & has received help with offense from the NO Saints, including the hiring of Saint’s Joe Brady as their passing game coordinator. Those changes & QB Burrow have been the difference at LSU this year which has in turn improved their already strong recruiting.

Often felt that the failure to change & learn was a drawback & weakness of some of our prior coaches, including Hatfield, HDN, & CBB.

I like Coach O…he is a character. He is a Cajun and fits in there in Baton Rouge. He is one of them. He is riding high now, but if he loses to Alabama next week, the LSU fans will be like they always are. They haven’t beaten Alabama in 8-9 years…almost a decade.

Now, if they win and go to the playoffs…he is set.

Bingo! All about the QB…

BTW jhawg - not much Cajun culture in Baton Rouge, matter of fact they look down their noses at anything Cajun. They ridiculed Coach O - until they started winning.