Why can't we recruit a PG like Ja Morant from Murray State

6-2 point guard just as smooth as silk pretty much unguardable one on one can blow by you or hit the three he came out of South Carolina and Murray State is the only one recruited him why can we not get a guy like that to come here… scored 38 against Alabama and 25 today against Auburn leads the nation with 10 assists the game… and he’s going to be a first-round draft choice there have to be kids like that out there and we need to find

They can. You just have to take a chance on a lighty-regarded guy coming out of high school, who didn’t have any power 5 offers, and hope all the big boys were wrong about him.

He’s a heck of a player, but nobody saw that coming.

I watched him play - he was on Zion Williamson’s AAU team - at the Real Deal in the Rock and didn’t see that coming.

Hardly one did, except for Murray State’s head coach and a few others.

he is unreal! had no offers according to what i saw…but he is type we need for sure can do it all.

Comments: oh so you backing off of Harris and Sills now are you. I guess you have insight to the makeup of this team this super freshman is on, it is identical to Arkansas 80% of the team make-up are newcomers. You know adversity had to come there’s no other way to develop character for these young guys, I just hope they are ready for conference play

Never mentioned anything about givng up on either one of our kids but trust me they’re not close to being as good as this kid is anyway you want it shake it. My point was the kid had no offers there are plenty of kids out there like that I just wish we could get one to come in and be that good he’s a sophomore. This kid can shoot the 3 and penetrate something we haven’t proven to be able to do with a PG in a long time… this guy reminded me of Lee Mayberry.

Morant has an assist to turnover ratio of less than 2-1. He’s averaging five turnovers a game. Harris’ ratio is nearly 6-1. You wanna tell me again he’s a better PG than Harris? I’ll tell you you need a strong laxative. Morant is a better scorer than Jalen, but he isn’t a better PG. Tonight: 7 assists, 5 turnovers.

He is better complete player and why he is going to play in the NBA plain and simple he leads the nation in assist at 10 a game. He adds way more points per game for his team with the points he scores(23pg) and those 10 assists if you can’t see that then I knowyou need to take omething much stronger than a laxative LOL there is a reason this kid is a 1st round pick and if we had him we would be a much diffferent team. I like Jalen a lot he just not much of a scorer.

I thought he had qualification issues and that is why there were no P5 offers. I could be wrong. I read a lot about recruits and could be confusing him with another player.

We have a guy right now like that in Mason Jones. He just dropped 21 points tonight and averaging 14 PPG. He just got done talking about how Texas St. didn’t even recruit him after watching him in JUCO and high school. Jones may not be a future NBA player, but thus far he’s looked every bit the part of a guy that’s going to have a very good college career, wouldn’t surprise me if he hit that 1,000 point club midway through his junior year next year.

I’ve said the same thing Jalen Harris is good and may get better but his offense is almost nonexistent and it hurts us in a lot of ways…we seem to always lack that balance at one point we had elite guards but no good big man then we had a good big man but no decent power forward next to him etc… To me if this staff has an issue it’s probably been in recruiting, we’ve missed out on some key players over the years, even with all the good players we got we always seemed to be just one or two away. It shocked me that no elite big man would not want to come here and play next to Gafford this year just shocking

It would be nice to get another Lee Mayberry to me he’s the best point guard we’ve ever had

I thought some wanted a pass first PG. Some fans did not like Courtney Fortson. They said he shot too much and did not pass the ball to their fav Rotnei Clarke.

I like Harris. He is the PG we need. If he is not shooting the deep shot well by next year, I may change my mind. He just needs to feel comfortable and shoot in rhythm and hesitation.

That is what Bailey, Harris and Osabuohien need to do. They are all hesitating now, not sure whether they shoot or not. If you are open, shoot the damn ball.

FWIW, Sills, Chaney and Embery seem to not hesitate.

As Gas says, lose the fear.

I have no fear at all the reason I posted this was to point out if Murray state can have a player that great and was really not recruited at all then why can’t we??

I want a PG that can do it all Pass and Shoot and be a dual threat that can beat you off the dribble to score or dish or step out and pop the 3. We haven’t had PG in here that can do that in a LONG time.We have a great Tradition and facilities 2nd to none and passionate fan base,we should be able to bring a PG that can do it all and it doesn’t have to be a highly recruited guy,you see schools like Murray who have nothing to really offer find some great players.We just have to do a better job in finding those type players.

Like I said I love how Jalen takes care of the ball and dishes for assist but we need more offense out of him and maybe it will come we will see.

Jalen Harris is averaging 9.2 points and just under 7 assists per game.

His lone weakness is his 3-point shot.

Whole the Murray State point guard is great, let’s not act like Jalen Harris is some horrible player.

Again, how can Murray State have a player that great and was not really recruited at all?

They got lucky. Period.

So is your question really why can’t Arkansas get lucky?

They have before with Thurman, Qualls, etc.

What’s wrong with J Harris as pg?

If Jalen Harris could shoot the three well, he might be playing for Duke, UNC, etc. I really like him, but I understand what youdaman is saying about the Murray St. pg.

We - and the NBA - all think Ja Morant is great.

But it’s not as if everyone in the country were trying to land him. Very few were.

It’s not an Arkansas miss.

It’s luck.

I never said anything about Jalen Harris being a horrible player .I guess what I’m saying is with all the things we have going for us we should be getting lucky i guess a lot more with an all around PG that can shoot and pass.IMO.
I love how Jalen Harris distributes and takes care of the ball and I hope he can find a shot because we need another person that can stick that 3-point shot…


Jalen Harris is averaging 9.2 points and just under 7 assists per game.

His lone weakness is his 3-point shot.

Whole the Murray State point guard is great, let’s not act like Jalen Harris is some horrible player.

[/quote] I like Jalen Harris but let’s be honest he doesn’t blow by people in the half court like elite point guards do and his jump shot is borderline atrocity but he’s a great point guard absent those things so I have high hopes for his future he is a great player to me