Why can't we be better at it?

Just had a stimulating conversation with Dudley and Baked. Hopefully we worked out a few thinks and undestand each other better. I have come to realize that most big time college sports programs have,at one level or another engaged in bending, or flat out demolition the rules in regards to cheating. Including Arkansas. The question I have now is, why are we not better at it? If we are still engaged in some shenanigans, we clearly aren’t getting the bag for our buck. This post is part serous and sarcastic at the same time. Just trying to lighten the mood a bit.

How much are you pitching in to help?


I’d pitch in. But why not the top guys from Walmart and Tyson?

Because they are handling the above board stuff, donations for facilities, jobs after their careers are over, it’s the next layer that does the buying of players…

lets figure out how much Omari Thomas is, and ill start a go fund me. lol

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Some schools are willing to go to another level to break the rules than others.

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Very true