why can we not access the link for the game

shows it being shown but can’t click the link…figures we would get a stinking softball game go into xrta innings

It’s not on the watchespn app

has it listed…just can’t accesss it

Second game in a row in which this has been an issue. Scroll says it’s available on the app and it isn’t.

They seem to always screw it up when it goes off original schedule

Tuck Fexas!!

3-0 Hawgs bottom 3

Hogs 11

EOE- A - 2

Top of 6th


It’s showing on the regular SEC Network. Not sure if that means it wouldn’t be streaming, but if you’re near a TV that gets the SECN, you should be able to watch.

The thread began when they were being preempted by extra inning softball. It was an issue then because neither option was available.