why can we never hear the questons in PC

surely we can get them a microphone! so frustrating to never hear the question.

That’s not the way the room is set up. I will say that you get a lot more content when no one is waiting for a microphone. That is happening with basketball, but that’s a formal interview room and it works. The interview room in the football building is the defensive scouting room. I try to say my questions loud enough. Maybe you hear them, maybe you don’t.

I really can’t hear them…

We take the audio from Arkansas. They would have to be the ones who set up boom mics or crowd mics. They choose not to do that for football, except for postgames.

it would great to hear the question for sure

Yes, that would be great - especially when the answer is “yes, we will be doing that” or something similar :?

I agree with the sentiment in this thread. I just spent about an hour watching all the videos from today’s press conference. They were interesting, but just think how much better they would be with audio of the questions.

I don’t see any excuse for it surely they can have four or five guys with a microphone spreading across the room that can get to the question quickly

I think a lot of fans (like myself) got to the point of not watching (forget the ability to listen) to interviews beyond post game. It’s unprofessional on UA’s part at the least and very annoying at it’s best. I’m sure they could care less if a fan doesn’t pay attention, but if I’m a parent or other connected party to a recruit and was evaluating the UA it could have a negative impact.

It’s common sense. But this is an OLD issue. Watching Pig Trail Nation, the sound seems better slightly for some reason.

It’s inexcusable for a program the size of the UA to not have mic’s set up so questions can be heard. I understand it’s not a media room, but find one that can be made a media room. Until they do that, I try to find the video with the best audio I can. And sometimes I can work around it. For instance, in Craddock’s time yesterday, he said something and came back and amended his answer to “press box” and then apologized. The question, I assumed, was where he would be during a game, though obviously we all know what assumptions do. Anyway, when there’s an answer like that, I try to go to the “What the HC and coordinators said” article, which is not a story just a run of quotes, and try to match it up. But that’s awfully difficult to do and sometimes impossible if it’s not printed (as was the case yesterday).

In my opinion, the people to contact about this are going to be the staff from communications and/or broadcast services. Phones and email addresses can be found here: http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/athle … athletics/

I sent an email to the new athletic director linking this thread. If many others did the same it might get someones attention.