Why can’t we solve special teams?

So we come back to take lead in 4th only to watch a guy take a kick off almost 90 yards to the house.

What I wouldn’t give to see special teams be emphasized at Arkansas the way it seems at other big programs,

Even bama seems to use some starters if needed to ensure your fastest best skills guys out there.

Not just this game but several over the last few years seems to suggest we don’t emphasize this part of the game as if it doesn’t matter at critical times.

I would love to see us more aggressive and heck yes use starters.

Some say well you might risk injury of a starter.

Sure. You might also win.

You risk injury playing football.

Would love to see us get aggressive in this area.

Where is Frank Beamer? Get him over here stat as consultant and inject aggressive philosophy into special teams.

Arkansas has never struck me as a program so strong it doesn’t need to emphasize this phase as all the others.

Special teams were the reason I picked us to lose. We had actually won the kicking game until the last 2 kickoffs. One for a td, inexcusable, the the pooch kickoff. Heck would have been better to kick an onsides kick than that crap. He also could have kicked it deep to the other side. Also could have just kicked it out of bounds. The 35 is better than almost mid field. This has been going on the entire b era. That is more than a coincidence it is poor coaching. I would like to know the coach that coaches kickoff.

There’s nothing special about our special teams. The kickoff for a touchdown then younkick short and give them a short field to kick a game tying field goal. That’s scared nutless football.
The speed you have on the team watched that return just like us the only sidfeeence they were on the sideline. Just another poor decision and lack of preparation.
Get a kicker that can put in through the end zone !

We wasted our only decent return by Warren in the first half. I’ll bet Coach B would like to have that possession back right now and attempt to get some points.

If football is a game of inches and if we want to give ourselves every shot to get an edge, I would love to see us be aggressive and have every skill position starter on kick off coverage and return teams.

Last I heard, we are allowed to score on returns and allowed to block punts and otherwise fly around and be aggressive on kick off coverage with best 11 on the team being in the field.

In an exchange with Clay last week it appears that we may not be emphasizing aggressive special teams.

If that’s the case I’m afraid it shows these past few years.