Why can’t Hall make free throws

Kid was a decent shooter in high school. Shoots the 3 ok. But can’t hit the side of a barn at the line. Love his defense and overall game but he is someone that won’t get playing time at end of the game.

He is now 28-of-54 this season - counting his 1-of-7 tonight.

That includes one game when he was 8-of-8.

It’s not form. It’s confidence.

That being said, he has 9 points and 7 rebounds to this point tonight

If he could a great night would be a incredible night.

Kids gonna be a star.

Not griping at him, last be the kid. Just wish he could hit free throws.

Meant to say love the kid.

Yet he does so many things many freshman can’t do. Shame you look to his negative. My wife wishes her Diamond was bigger. You and her would get along.

Dude, what’s your problem? He asked why was he missing free throws. Which is a legit question, he’s a good shooter but doesn’t seem to be making his free throws right now. I was curious myself what was going on. Because I knew him to be a good FT shooter in high school as well. Sometimes kids change their form, sometimes they change their free throw routine, and sometimes their confidence level isn’t there. He was wanting to see if anybody knew. Which Dudley answered the question, it’s just his confidence right now.

There was nothing malicious about the question. Every time somebody posts something that isn’t talking about roses and sunshine you go after them with these smart remarks. Razorwill has always been a good poster, he never goes at anybody or disrespects them, he didn’t deserve that.

gafford made 7/10 from the free-throw line I thought that was impressive.

Agree. He seemed to focus much better at the line. He needs to sink those FTs. He is likely to get a bunch of chances down the stretch.


Yes sir!

Hall reminded me of Derek Hood tonight rebounding. Man he shot the eyes out of the 3 ball. He needs more reps in games.
We needed his presence and he delivered.
I thought Gafford showed he has put in extra work on free throws. Give Hall a pass he has 3 more years and he will improve.
Making free throws takes confidence. Hall will be fine!

thx blu for the support. i also saw the kid play in high school and he was a good shooter i thought. he hit threes, and he hit free throws. his form is good. heck he hit 3 threes. i was wondering if maybe he wasn’t bending his knees enough, heck i don’t know. i guess it is confidence but the kid has the ability to be a 70% free throw shooter. i love his game, plays great defense, gets rebounds, seems to be in the right place on defense as far as rotations go. plays smart. has good size. that being said gafford really took his time last night and he had a much better game at the line. just puzzles me and i was looking for knowledge far greater than mine wondering if it was a mechanical problem at the line. i think he will improve, kid is a worker.

He has improved every part of his game except free throws and I have no doubt the light will come on in time and he will be a good free throw shooter, hopefully this year. He shoots threes with confidence and just needs to relax and do the same at the line. He is a freshman playing an entirely different role than he did in high school. He has done really well overall and we all just need to relax and maybe he will tool.

Unless they are great free throw shooters, freshmen tend to be up and down. Next game he may go 6 for 6.

Remember how Kingsley and Manny became consistent free throw shooters as seniors.

Hall was shooting good FT’s in the past and has been very good a few games. For a true freshman, he has been playing a LOT and maybe he is just getting out of sorts? He is playing at a high level for a young pup and some freshman have a hard time staying focused on all aspects of the game. He seems to shoot FT’s quickly which can be from being too hyped to calm down.

I thought I saw MA yell at him “Don’t think about it just do it!” after missing the first of two one time, just a mental thing he has to get past.

most every one of his and Gafford’s FT’s are long! why not back off the line a few inches?? then shoot it normal and it would be all net!

This team is going to be real fun to watch the rest of the season if Hall and Gafford keep improving each game as they have been. Also nice to see Beard starting to knock down three’s. Need to win the 3 home games and somehow split the two road games (Missouri).

Hall is really coming on strong lately and love seeing the 3 point shooting as that should help pull out guys on him and open up our offense even more.

If Macon, Barford, Hall, Gafford and Beard can all light it up in one game, we can certainly beat anyone in the country on a given night

I’d love to see that happen for this stretch. WPS!!!