why burn Grayson's RS???

I’ve been very busy with family stuff (and re-watching the MSU game!!) , so sorry if this has been discussed.

But I though Grayson was redshirting this year? he had a great catch and looks very athletic, looks like a very talented young TE. but why break the RS to throw him one pass?

Also, it was great seeing OGrady finally. he hasn’t played, yet everyone discusses his great talent, and he looked the part.

so are we seeing these 2 young TEs due to others not prouducing? or are they just to talented to keep off the field?


Grayson has played in every game

Don’t know about every game, but he did play against both La Tech and LSU. Last night was just the first time they’ve thrown him the ball. I suspect he’s been getting special teams duty up to this point.

He’s played in 10 of the 11.

http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/stats … m#IGBG.PLY

Interesting. Missed only TCU.
O’Grady has played in five of the 11, but he’s already had his redshirt year.