Why Big X Championships matter not in SEC West:

BB ran roughshod through a conference steeped in college football tradition and champions. The only thing is that none of that happened while he was coaching Wisconsin. Ohio St and Michigan were not playing at the vaunted level of their hay days, and the SEC was separating itself as the elite title machine of the BCS era. He wasn’t competing against the level of success he faces today. He’s four years in, and has a team full of his players, yet he’s over fifteen hundred yards behind the best this conference offers in competition. My point is simply, BB has never achieved any success that inspires me to believe it will happen at Arkansas. Every year there will be an excuse for what’s wrong, that’s being addressed in the upcoming season, instead of admitting what’s broken in the process. Those backing this program with their contributions to the Razorback Foundation (which is the financial resource behind the coaches salaries) aren’t getting the value their being told by the CEO/AD? The budget ranks #20 in all of college athletics, the program doesn’t represent the $$ being spent!

Sorry, but I’ve got to react to this post. Please take a drink and step back and stop being so reactionary.

We were #17 in the country at gametime yesterday. Sure we will likely be unranked again this week, but look at who we lost to; three of the best teams in the country. That’s gonna happen in the SEC West right now. Like I say every year, please withhold your judgments on the head coach until the end of the year. Then you can sit down, outside the emotional cloud of a recent loss, and make a much more appropriate, calculated assessment. So far our W/L record has improved EVERY year. Our cumulative GPA is the highest in the league. Hardly anyone gets arrested anymore. Our coach is beloved in the community. Overall, he was a GREAT hire, and he continually proves it.

I’ll be glad to wait for the final record to analyze this years team. Your commentary of my reflection on where this program is as an opinion of an opinion. I wrote this commentary based upon the rational assumptions from what I derive from the performance I’ve observed this season, as well as the previous nineteen combined. Your decision to reject my viewpoint is your prerogative in this debate. The fact your comments borderline mental retardation is sad. I suggest you seek professional help, before making future responses to a perspective that exceeds your capacity to resonably respond.

Sorry, but a 50+ point loss to Auburn is justification for any reaction imaginable and commentary on all coaches, RIGHT NOW. And I don’t think for even a second that Bielema has proved he is a GREAT hire. The jury is way, way out on that. He’s got a lot of winning to do before he’s dubbed a GREAT hire. And it ain’t looking too good this season.

Wow. Just simply wow. A sad display of what is wrong with message boards. Someone shares a different viewpoint and the result is that degradation?

We’re a 4th & 4 away from an OM loss. We’re a missed FG (out of 3 misses) away from a La Tech loss. Who have we beaten? …how do you explain a Toledo loss?