Why Arknsas will beat TCU

After re-watching last year’s TCU game and breaking down each play, here’s why I think Arkansas will be successful against TCU again this year.
–We were dominant, but let them back in by stupid mistakes. Colton Jackson had a horrible game filled with mistakes that cost us plenty! Raulerson and Froholdt made a couple, too, but Froholdt made the least mistakes.

– Jared Collins and Khalia Hacket were out of position and made a few very costly mistakes.

–We NEVER set the edge with Tevin Beanum or Deatrich Wise. They almost always leaned too far inside. If Kenny Hill was flushed out, Wise, Johnson, Beanum and Ledbetter had no chance of catching him. We over-ran plays, looked slower and took bad angles, too.

–Hayden Johnson missed some key blocks.

–McTelvin Agim was the most effective lineman with his speed, but we just didn’t play him very much.

–Kody Walker was ineffective, yet we kept running him. Devwah barely played.

–McTelvin Agim will play more.

–Our DB’s though mostly unproven, are faster than last year.

–Our offensive line is better this year and I’m hoping Colton Jackson is better.

–The new 3-4 is a much better defense against TCU and because of speed I believe it will help us set the edge.

–Randy Ramsey and McTelvin Agim and Jared Cornelius all had a great game against TCU which usually pumps up a returning player.

–Whaley, Hayden, Williams and TJ Hammonds are a better force than Rawleigh and Kody! Hayden is especially suited for this type of defense.

–Kendrick Jackson provides better blocking than Hayden Johnson.

–TCU defensive end, Josh Carraway (who gave us fits) has left for the NFL.

–Toby Baker’s ability to flip the field.
–Drew Morgan’s clutch catching ability over the middle.
–Jeremy Sprinkle’s two amazing catches.

Arkansas 24 TCU 10

If we hold TCU to 10 points, I’ll be one happy Hog fan.

TCU will probably score at least 30 points, I would think. We probably will, too.

I see this as a high scoring game. Maybe our defense has improved some and will surprise us fans.

This should be an interesting and entertaining game. Looking forward to watching this one.

I think this defense will work against these guys. I’m holding to my 10 points for TCU. They would have only had 7 last year had it not been for Arkansas mistakes.

Win or lose, this game will be good for all of the young Hogs. Playing a veteran team like TCU on the big stage (CBS national game) should help them get ready for the conference schedule. Should be a great game.

I like how JPRoland thinks, I am ready to celebrate a home victory :smiley:

I was thinking earlier in the week it has been too long since a meaningful non-conf victory at home. The Hogs botched opportunities against Texas Tech, Rutgers, I can’t even think of anybody good we have taken care of at home. Do we have to go back to Boise State to come up with some name team? Please help me remember :wink:

You left out the disappointment of losing to Toledo. We went for on 4 th down late and failed. At the end those 2 FG’s would have given our hogs a win.
The 1 point loss to Alabama at home stinks also! We fumbled inside the 10 yard line. We missed 2 short FG’s and just simply gave the Tide the W. The hogs should have won 9 games the past 2 years. It’s time for the team to turn the corner.
More speed and depth on defense gives me hope to not allow throwing away leads late. Fatigue makes cowards out of strong men!
Hogs win!!!

You’re right about Boise State (2000 and 2002). CBB is 0-1 against Power-5 non-conference teams at home (the loss to Texas Tech). Rutgers belonged to “Smile.” To be fair, there haven’t been a whole lot of Power-5 non-conference home opportunities. There were losses to Texas, Southern Cal, Miami and Ole Miss (way back in SWC days). The last Power 5 win at home in the non-conference schedule that I find is Ole Miss in 1988. There are a handful of wins over Tulsa, which I guess some could make a case for being a name team, and SMU. I may have overlooked somebody in a quick glance at the year-by-year results. Sure would be nice to beat TCU tomorrow.

Thanks SoArkHog, yea sounds like this is a good time to break this streak and get a good win.

JP you had me until your final score prediction. I just can’t see us holding them to 10 points. I would be happy as could be holding them under 30. I could see us winning a 31-28 game.

holding TCU to 10 points would seem miraculous.

Wow. Home nonconference win against a current Power 5 school that is not named Ole Miss. I’m having trouble finding one in either RRS or WMS. It might go back to Northwestern in 1981, which took Okie State’s place on our schedule that year. Even when OM was a nonconference opponent, our last NC win over the Rebnecks was in '88.

We’ve had better luck on the road. Texass at Austin in '03, TTech in '14, TCU last year.