Why aren't we paying top coordinator dollars

Like some others I wonder.

Seems some of the bigs in the SEC have coordinators over a million if I understand correctly

Maybe it’s just a matter of time.

I assume if we keep winning that our O and D coordinators get up there or market forces lure them to bigs who pay

I don’t know

I looked at this recently –

Biliema was $4 mill & the 18th highest paid coach in USA ( Saban $7 mill was #1)
Smith at $750 was the 25th highest paid asst (Muschamp was #1 at $1.6 mill)

Didn’t we pay Pittman $1 mill when Bama came after him?

We’ll need to do something more for Enos.

Pittman got a substantial raise to $500,000 after Alabama inquired. Arkansas has never paid an assistant coach - coordinator or otherwise - $1 million. In fact, Robb Smith’s $800,000 salary this year is the biggest ever for a Razorbacks assistant. It goes to $850,000 next year.

As for Dan Enos, he just got a $150,000 raise after one season. And he was already being paid $140,000 more than he was making as a head coach in the MAC. I think he is pretty happy with his financial arrangement.

The very top coordinators are being paid seven figures for two reasons. Either they are former head coaches who likely wouldn’t take a college assistant job otherwise (Lane Kiffin and Will Muschamp last year at Auburn), or they are head coaching candidates who are making more than they would as a G5 head coach, so there is incentive for them to stay until a P5 school is interested (Kirby Smart until Georgia came along).

I don’t see either of those being true for Arkansas’ coordinators right now. They are being paid at about what the market is bearing for coaches of their stature.