Why aren't Nick Smith and Jordan Walsh

…signing in the early signing period w/the rest of our men’s hoops commits?

Just curious why they both seem to want to wait.

Why don’t we leave that up to them! Let them make their own decisions on their own time! Don’t panic! Muss has things under control.

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it has become a thing for some of the top kids to do.

I don’t get it, but I have sent texts and left messages for an explanation.



Nick, what say you? Can’t wait to see you and Jordan running the court together at BWA.

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I am with Dudley in that I don’t get it either and certainly won’t try and come up with any reasons as to why the kids do this. Here’s to hoping he changes his mind and signs early like Walsh is doing.

When is Derrian Ford signing? Ready for our Big Three (Ford, Smith, Walsh) to put ink to paper and make it official.

Ware? You know something we don’t?

Ford is signing at exactly 5:03 pm on November 14.

Meant Walsh. Now corrected.

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