Why are we starting so late tonight

says 800 CST,I always thought it was at 700.

TV windows. Tomorrow’s game also at 8. Monday is at 6 if needed.

oh OK.Thanks

What TV windows? The hogs are on ESPN 360 and steam! Of course Florida. LSU and Vandy are on! They were on yesterday and today.

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They put the starting times for some games at 8 in case TV wants to pick a matchup.

The NCAA won’t allow them to adjust the times as the tournament goes. So they scatter in some 8 pm starts.

No one knows who is going to be in the winner’s bracket finals. It’s a frustrating issue to be clear.

But it’s also good to know times ahead of time and know they won’t change.

Florida won’t be on anymore after today! I would trade no being on yesterday and today for a chance to play next week


They also need multiple games at the same time in case there’s rain somewhere.

So we can get prime time for the streaming networks.

I see LSU and Ole Miss are on today and #1 Arkansas is not on ESPN or SEC Network. What in the &^%% is going on here?

I will have to plug in my computer and watch it tonight with Bill Gates, I guess.

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Florida was on too.

Between the SEC and networks we get screwed a lot…

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I see some game times tonight getting changed. OM and the Poultry are both now 6 p.m. games. Dunno if that’s due to weather

Just a head scratcher that the #1 team in country isn’t on in the first 2 days. Very frustrating to not be able to see another regional game.


Another 8 p.m. game tonight. Which means it will end after midnight for those of us in Eastern zone. Fortunately I don’t have to be at work at 8 a.m. Monday. Let’s hope we don’t have an earlier game on Monday evening.

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We are so loved by ESPN…

Subject to change, I presume, but at the moment the only tournament games on an actual network tonight are Site 10 at 5 p.m., which is Notre Dame, on ACCN, Site 12 (Ole Miss) on ESPNU at 5, and Site 2 (Texass) on ESPNU at the same time as the Hogs. Amazed Site 2 isn’t on Bevonet. Oh, and the Florida regional (without Florida) is on SECN at 5.

One thing that may be going on is announcer assignments. They have Tom Hart and Kyle Peterson assigned to the Oxford regional and they want them on maximum exposure, as opposed to the two clowns they gave us.

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Clowns is a nice description to those two. They loved to talk about each other. Bromance…

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I heard KP talking about this the other day on radio and he actually chose to go to the regional,thought it would be a very balanced regional.He pretty much calls his own shots on assignments I think.

Unfortunately I have to be at work at 7:20…

May have to try to get a nap this afternoon

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