Why are we picked so low?

Is it simply about the pitching?

Do they know who is coming in and have they evaluated them?

I have to admit, I am scared to death about the pitching. Hopefully, the guys are healthier and stronger. And maybe the new pitching coach will make a difference.

From listening to DVH, they seem to feel like the new infielders might be an improvement. A healthy Shaddy at 2nd could be very good. They seem to love the new center fielder.

The local radio guys seem to be pretty down on the team as well. Maybe not last place again, but not top tier.

Am I crazy to think things might go our way and we turn out better than projected?

I think it’s a combination of how the team finished last year, the uncertainty about several of the starters and the lack of MLB Draft prospects. I would have picked Arkansas fourth in the west ahead of Mississippi State.

There are a lot of teams like Arkansas this year, though, in that they really aren’t sure of what they have. Florida, Vanderbilt, South Carolina and LSU all are loaded. Past those four and maybe Texas A&M, it’s kind of a toss-up as to who will do what.

Dave’s best teams seem to be the ones that are rated low in the preseason. All of his CWS teams, minus maybe 2012, came out of obscurity. The 2004 team was picked 11th (then out of 12) and won the conference.

Tony Vitello explained that in the season preview that I did for the magazine. He had some great quotes about the preseason predictions. Unknown. The other part of the equation, it is the SEC West. It’s the best baseball division in the college ranks most years. You can be fourth or fifth in that division and still be in a Regional most years.

Those quotes are in this story:

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … tart-2017/