why are we not seeing video of the Locker room??

I don’t get all the secrecy of it…not going to hurt letting us see video of it…

There was some video on Twitter…not sure if the UA Football or the players posted…

don’t have twitter, all I have seen is a pic of them standing in front of about 2-3 lockers.

Not sure if you have seen this or not…


no for some reason that has not been shown on here or if so I missed it…thank you very much I appreciate it.

You really might want to get on twitter as soon as you chase those pesky kids out of your yard. :smiley:

It is like one-stop shopping for lots and lots of info.

We had a little bit of video and a lot of photos from inside the locker room Monday. It is embedded in this story about the renovation again today: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … -20180831/

yeah I probaly do Dudley and Matt I didn’t check out the photo Gallery…thanks.