Why are those artificial noise makers allowed?

Artificial noise makers during game play are banned basically everywhere I thought - and should be banned there.

Why are they allowed an unfair advantage in the modern era?


If commissioner allows that “tradition” it should only be if they also play in leather helmets with no face mask.

an “exception” to the rule was made for the leg humpers!..they do ask that their fans “ring responsibly”…YEAH, RIGHT!!! They were illegal forever till the SEC made an “exception” for MisStake…

I’ve been to a lot of games there. It was out of hand before 2010 when the SEC stepped in and threatened to take them away. To their credit, the fans do a pretty good job collectively of not ringing them during the plays. That’s not to say some don’t, but the vast majority rings them between plays. That’s a tradition they don’t want to lose.

And there are several teams that use artificial noisemakers in stadiums. Oklahoma State has those paddles they hit against the walls, many teams user clappers and a lot blare music when the opposing offense is on the field.

There is a little known Supreme Court decree that allows them to ring dem bells. It was granted when one of those country lawyers successfully argued that entire generations of rednecks had spent their entire lives using those bells to call their girlfriends in for dinner. Since none of them can speak decent english, the court concurred that banning the bells would violate their right to communicate. I hear John Grisham is writing a novel about the incident.

Great post.

You had me at John Grisham.

Re noise makers yes there are some plastic paddles and piped in music now but most of that piped in stuff has TJ stop during play.

The cowbell allowance or exception is a step below an argument that says we love air sirens and its a tradition.

They can use pre game or whatever but during play?

It’s like an sec subsidy from the commissioner saying hey you have a small and quiet fan base so we will allow noise makers so you appear big too.


I don’t think it matters any more. You say sure it matters. No one else does that. Actually, they do. With the loud speakers cranked up, who needs cow bells to make the place noisy. If you don’t have it loud in your stadium, then you are not trying. I think it was louder at TCU and Auburn than it will be at Starkville this Saturday and that’s because of the way the sound systems are used. Arkansas does it now, too.

It’s a good point Clay you are right. I was at TCU and they clearly used their music to help bolster smaller fan base to make it loud

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