Why are there no rreports from yesterdays 'mock' game-day?

There has been no updates since Friday?

Don’t want to give up the secret sauce before the opening game!

Because there was no media.

The practice was closed to the media and there have not been any interview opportunities since Thursday.

Thought you guys were holding out!!
Thanks -

No, we never hold out. They purposely closed this one to media and did no interviews.

According to the schedule we were sent for availability this week, we will talk to players tonight and on Tuesday after 6 p.m. We’ll get Sam Pittman on Friday around 6 p.m.

Just kidding, know that you guys dont - getting excited as Georgia is coming pretty soon! Would have been nice to open with a rent-a-win (we didnt have that luxury the past 2 seasons) but we might as well see what kind of team we have right out the gate!

No news is goods news. They must have something really special going on. :crossed_fingers:

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