Why are the Hogs not in shape?

According to CSP, after the season’s first scrimmage he stated the team was not in shape. Why are they not in shape?


One, they’re never in “shape” according to the coaches. Two, they had a 120 play scrimmage in full pads, they haven’t been lifting weights and running/agility drills in pads, it isn’t the same.

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Totally understand about football shape. But obviously there has been some failures across the board for the team not to be in shape. It takes more than just lifting and running. They need greater aerobic workouts to get in the shape they need to be in. If there is not enough supervised time during the week to do everything (20 hours?), then the players need to be responsible enough to do it on their time. Including off season and preseason.
Not a good sign that they are not in football shape.


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I have no idea how much running they do under the SC coach but I can tell you adding those pads on for the first time and really going hard out for 2 or 3 hours will suck it out of you…I think the lesson was learned that they need to be in a whole lot better shape than they thought they were.I
heard him say he wants them to get their conditioning in running on and off the field in between plays, probably will be increasing some gassers to further get the job done… but football shape and running shape are two totally different things. I think everybody’s fighting through the same thing.

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I’m not in football shape either. I don’t think I’m even in football watching shape. I think the uncertainty of whether there would be a season may have taken away the player’s sense of urgency to get in shape.

Lol, I’ve noticed you are hyper critical about everything, you’d think that Maluhia attitude would have some influence on you. You’re never in shape, did you play football? Did you ever have to “run it right” and we’ll head to the house? They’re fine, if they can’t walk off the field on the 26th in the 2nd quarter, we’ll revisit this.

We’ll have a story tomorrow previewing Georgia. In it, Kirby Smart says he never feels good about how his team looks in its first scrimmage, but especially felt that way this year because of the odd offseason. I don’t think any team is in ideal “football shape” right now.

I am not sure a team has to be in shape anymore. The TV timeouts won’t let anybody play for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. A player doesn’t need to be in shape to function in this day and age. You only play half the game and that is stopped constantly by time outs. It takes 3 and 1/2 hours to play a game that used to take 2 hours. There is no way a guy who weight 320 pounds who should weigh 270 pounds is ever going to be in shape.

Another thing to remember is to have your “coach-speak translator” turned on at all times when reading or listening to coaches talk about pre-season workouts/scrimmages.

I’m not saying this is necessarily the case with us right now, but coaches have been known to say things just like that even when they are relatively pleased with the condition their team is in because they know comments of that sort will drive many of the players to work even harder…which will serve them and the team well down the road. In other words - don’t take everything you read/hear at face value. There is usually an agenda involved, and more for the team than the fans.

Never coached college football and with the pandemic it has been a while since I have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express, but with a month left to prepare and the fact that the Head Coach is expressing an expectation of being in better condition than where we currently are, seems a good thing.

Right on. In my day all American tackles weighed 240 pounds. Today you see 340 pounders play four plays and hit the oxygen bottle at the bench. The best way to “get in shape” is running about three dozen dashes after practice. But 340 pounders cannot run 30 sprints.

I am never surprised when a coach says they are not in shape after the first scrimmage. It’s common phrase. As Matt said, Kirby Smart listed the same complaint and said it’s just a matter of getting the pads on and playing with them for a few weeks.

Those who have played the game understand. You put 20 pounds on and then try to engage with someone in hand to hand combat over and over, you get it. If you haven’t, then you don’t.

Running wind sprints does not get you in football shape. Only playing football in live scrimmage situations does that.

I’ve heard wrestling and boxing are two sports that will drain your energy in a hurry. Locking up with your hands on the opponent and the other way around are taxing. It drains you of energy in a hurry. It’s the same thing as linemen strain against each other. You just lose every bit of energy in your body after a few plays.

You scrimmage for two and a half hours, it does that to your entire team. And, there is no way you can mentally prepare for it.

I’d also say that I expect that the tempo of a Briles scrimmage is taxing for the entire team. Tempo is emphasized. You just can’t imagine it until you do it. Then, you gear your mind a little better for the next time.

You can do all the running and lifting any coach can put in front of you, but a football scrimmage is still going to reveal “that we aren’t in shape yet.” That’s why you have four weeks of camp and it will always be that way.


So correct Clay…I played HS football and boxing team…hardest 3 minutes in the world, would make you puke like a dog

I boxed at boys club as a 7th grader. Those gloves got heavy fast. I decided to stick to hoops. Tasting your own blood will do that.

Very true
There’s being in shape then
There’s being in football shape
Same with speed and football speed.

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