Why are the Hogs games so long?

I went to two games this year…the regional final and the super regional final. I have watched several games on TV, including last night. My question is why do the games take so danged long… 3and1/2 to almost 4 hours? The pitchers take forever between pitches. They seem concerned to throw a strike. Both teams are like this. The batters will take almost every pitch and work the count. Whatever happened to getting up and hitting the ball if they throw it for a strike?

Last night we had the bases loaded on two occasions and our guys just would not be aggressive. They kept the bats on their shoulders and never even touched the ball. We should have beaten that team worse than 4-1. We were taking fastballs right down the gut, then swinging on balls out of the strike zone after 2 strikes. I get working the count, but some guys are better hitters just seeing the ball and hitting the ball. Is this a Dave Van Horn strategy? Before you all jump me…I love Van Horn. He is the man and a great coach. But taking this long to play every game is brutal. In the College World Series, it is not an issue, but for the average fan the pitch clock may need to be installed.

Isiah Campbell takes so much time, you want to doze off between pitches. Bob Gibson, he is not.

I am thinking Van Horn is a little like Eddie Sutton was in basketball. Eddie wouldn’t let you shoot until you played a few minutes unless you had a layup or a dunk. If you put it up quickly…you came back to the bench. Is Van Horn of the mindset…if you don’t take a few pitches…grab some bench? I know he is old school, so I thought this might be his teaching.

I think the players said last night that he told them to get the pitch count up. They did. I also wanted to see them swing away, especially when the ball was right down the middle.

I suppose pitchers taking a long time between pitches & batters working the counts will add up, but replay reviews take time, too. I admit for a low scoring game, last night took a while. But I’m not about to question DVH’s strategy to make the pitcher throw a lot. It worked for us last night. That starter was killing us until he completely lost it the 5th & gifted us with all those runs.

Many batters also take a lot of time between pitches, generally following some strange personal protocol. I think Eric Cole has one of the longest routines in our camp.

It takes time to savor a fine game.

It’s baseball. Personally, I don’t care how long it takes to play the game. Too many people trying to change the game just for their own convenience or because tv time demands. I’ve always said, leave the game alone. I do admit though, I do get tired of all the trips to the mound.
GO HOGS:bangbang: