Why are the endzone seats covered at Rose Bowl?

They have a tarp with their logo on it covering the lower dozen or so rows of seating in the center of each end zone. I don’t remember that from past Rose Bowls. Any idea why this is happening?

If I had to guess, I’d say its some sort of Covid protection because that’s the most common place for players to interact with the fans after an emotional score. Just a guess though.

It was that way when we played there in 2005.

Don’t believe the Hogs have ever played in the Rose Bowl Stadium. The ‘05 game against USC was in the LA Colosseum, their home field.

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Hogs have never played in the Rose Bowl, but LRJC did play in the Little Rose Bowl.

My bad….I know the end zone on the opposite end was blocked off with banners when I was at that game in 2005.

The fans are packed together like sardines in a can. Avoiding one more person stopping by to celebrate doesn’t justify giving up the revenue for those ticket sales.

Usually when a section is tarped off it’s because they can’t sell those seats (UCLA tarps off large sections of the RB for it’s home games) or don’t want to sell them, such as restricted view. The view from those low level seats wouldn’t be great. I don’t think COVID had anything to do with it.

I did hear the Suckeyes returned a lot of their ticket allotment but Utah fans took what tOSU didn’t want so it wasn’t a ticket sales issue.

Yes, it’s because they can’t sell them.

Here is a photo of a past game taken from that area. You can see the seats occupied in front of the camera and at the other end zone. Not the best seats by far but in all stadiums these locations fill with fans long before many higher up seats are taken. The tarps have a Rose Bowl logo on them so this seems to be something special just for this game played once a year.

Here is a 2019 Google Earth photo. You can see the seating sections (that are now covered) in this photo. There is the same Rose Bowl Logo in the entry plaza that is also on the current

tarps. They went to a lot of expense to come up with a custom made and custom decorated identical tarp on each end sometime between 2019 and now. That stadium was built in 1922 so it may have some “issues” in those lower seats at each end. Whatever they are, they must be very expensive to fix to justify this very expensive first cost (custom tarps) and ongoing expense of lost ticket sales.

Those end zone seats are unique compared to most stadiums. The lowest seat is at field level. The concourse aisle that surrounds the field is at ground level with the entry plazas and the sideline seating stops so that there is a wall and those seats are elevated enough for those occupants to see over the players. At the endzones, those seats keep on coming down until they can’t go any lower. That does not make them bad seats. At JerryWorld in Dallas, people pay big bucks to get field level boxes and most of them are behind the benches. The only way those people watch the game on the field is by viewing the big screen above or monitors in their boxes. The Rose Bowl field level seating is at least unobstructed viewing.

One reason that this “football shaped” stadium is so unique is that over half of the seats are end zone seating. That makes more than half of the ticket sales not very good viewing positions especially as you go higher up in the stadium. More modern stadiums pack more seats on the sidelines and fewer seats in the end zones, especially not in the corners of the end zones. Those perfect ovals like here, at Notre Dame and at Michigan are dinosaurs in the stadium world.

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