Why are so many obsessed by playcalling -----------

------------------------ it is the players not the play! We are running the same offensive system that 90% of the football world now runs. There are no unique plays that only we have that would magically fix our offensive line and allow us to score on anyone. When you have a weak offensive line, your quarterback will struggle, your offensive playcaller will look like an idiot, and your running backs will have to fight to get positive yards. You might even get stuffed on 4th & short by San Jose State twice. When you have an adequate or good offensive line, your quarterback will appear to be a much better player, your play caller will look like a genius, and your running backs will dominate. The successful teams don’t have better play callers, they have better players! Morris was hailed as an offensive genius at Clemson but now his fans think he is a play calling failure at Arkansas. He did not become stupid as a playcaller, his players at some key positions are now much worse than before. JMVVVVHO


SJS coach had his players prepared to play the Hogs. SJS had far less talent on the field. His players played much harder for their coaches than the Hogs players did for their coaches . A good SEC head coach does not lose to a pathetic SJS. Not just a MW member, but one of the worst conference members over the last 3 years.

You are correct, it’s not all play calling. it’s complete game preparation by the coaching staff. It’s the head coach getting the most out of the talent you have. Unfortunately, the SJS coach did those things, our coach did not.

The only reason we “got stuffed on 4th and short twice by SJS” is because their team came prepared to give whatever effort was necessary to compete on every play and win the football game.

Unfortunately, our OL talent level will be a real excuse in 7 or our last 8 games. It was not an excuse in the game against SJS. Same goes for our defensive talent.

I think you are wrong about the talent level comparison. Which offensive line blocked better in pass protection? Theirs. Which offensive line dominated in the 4th quarter? Theirs. Which defensive line put more pressure on the opposing quarterback? Theirs. I might take Boyd and O’Grady from our team but the rest of their offensive players were as good or better than ours. Their QB and O-line were better and their receivers were more effective than ours that day. In the future, ours might be better, but that day, theirs were better.

Our coaches can do better, there is no doubt, but pretending we have plenty of talent and it is all the coaches fault is warped thinking. JMVVVVVHO

Hey, wait. Did the NWA fans not run off HDN because they wanted the new different better offensive coaching like they saw in high school coaches? From what I observed they wanted Morris because he did in fact have some perfect wide open passing game. Same fans who did not like Hatfield.

I wondered why they did not hire the high school coach who never punted, he ran a play on 4th and 16 from his own ten.

Reality shows with time.

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The mind set was not there to start the game. It was in the second half. The play calling improved because effort improved. My questions do not center on play calling, but on effort to start the game. That’s on coaching. I understand that.

I believe that one of the central problems was too much belief after the Colorado State game that the team had arrived. That starts with everything that was said after the game. You have to count it as one, and get ready to get another one. Only way to do it.

The Club W deal is for recruiting. I get that. But I didn’t like it then, and don’t like it now. Oh well.

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Wow, so you think the worst team in the Mountain West has better talent than the Razorbacks! C’mon, surely you can’t really believe that. How many 4-star recruits, or even how many 3-star recruits did they have. Would you trade our 85 scholarship players with SJS?

Saturday, their less talented players, and their (hopefully) less talented coaches outperformed ours. They played harder, more effectively, and gave greater overall effort.

This loss was 95% a coaching loss. Even our AD, who says he still backs CCM, said the loss was completely unacceptable.

Perhaps it is not play calling but the offensive scheme. IMHO you need a solid OL that can hold blocks as required IOT effectively run the RPO package. Too often by the time the decision is made to run the ball the hole (if there was one) is closed or the LB has had time to fight off the block resulting in minimal gain or loss. Our OL is weak and we need to execute running and passing plays which acknowledge that weakness IOT be successful. We have had few if any break away runs and our QB is routinely being hit or hurried. We need to accept reality and adapt our play calling or offensive scheme to be successful.


So which of their offensive players did you think were much weaker than ours? Couldn’t be the QB. He was very effective. Couldn’t be the offensive line. Their QB was hardly touched, only sacked once. Starkel got hit and harrassed over and over. I have agreed that our running back and tight end were better players. Do you really think on that field and that day that their receivers didn’t outplay ours? Yes, their offense was better than ours.

Wait a minute. First, I don’t really disagree with much in your post here. That’s not what you said in your other post. You opened with “I think you are wrong about the talent level comparison”. That’s what I totally disagreed with. “Talent level”, not how they played against SJS.

In the first half, their lesser talented players played their hearts out, gave greater effort, and made our “more talented” players look like they were high school players. One reason that SJS players looked better than our players, especially in the first half, was how horribly our players and coaches performed.

To me, fielding an unprepared team, who gave little effort, is mostly a coaching problem. Saturday, their coaching staff totally outperformed our coaching staff in having their team prepared to give great effort throughout the game. Our poor player performances made those SJS players look better (and more talented) than they actually were. IMHO.

After reading your above post, I think our disagreements may have just been semantics. “Talent level” vs the “actual SJS performance” Saturday night.

For what we pay our coaches, they should be motivating & preparing our players & not allow these lesser talented teams to score immediate touchdowns & gain the momentum at the start off these games. Especially after a 2-10 season, nothing can be taken for granted & no room for over-confidence.

CCM & Coach Chavis have been coaching long enough to know how to prepare & motivate players. No excuse for the letdown at the start of these games other than our coaches were out-coached & not doing their jobs.