Why are really good shooters so hard to come by?

Oh yeah, one more smelly industry update. Drove through Riegelwood this morning and didn’t smell anything, even without “recirculate” turned on. The same could not be said a few minutes later in the booming metropolis of Tar Heel, NC (yes, that’s really a town).

Tar Heel is the home of a giant facility owned by Smithfield Foods, which as far as I know focuses on pork products (ham, bacon, etc.). After driving through Tar Heel a few dozen times, I got curious and looked up what that giant building is. And the answer is, the world’s largest slaughterhouse. When I drove past that slaughterhouse this morning, my AC gave me the full dose of slaughterhouse smell. But I’m sure the good people of Tar Heel would say the same thing, it smells like money. And so many people work there that the huge employee parking lot was full and some people left their cars out along the highway.

North Carolina is the leading pork producing state, so I shouldn’t be surprised that the world’s largest slaughterhouse is there. Or what it smells like, either.

I’ve been to that slaughterhouse… at one point in my career Smithfield was a customer. It was disgusting. I very quickly designated someone else for that customer.

I was at the GP paper mill in Ashdown, AR as well and the trucking company that used to be right across the road. Lovely memories.


Unfortunately there is no Tar Heel High School, so we don’t have the Tar Heel Tar Heels or anything. Tar Heel is served by East Bladen High School a few miles away, home of the Eagles. But Tar Heel Middle School (home of the Panthers) is getting a new gymnasium, probably paid for by that slaughterhouse a half-mile away.

Don’t think a lack of mid range jump shots has anything to do with what you get credit for on ESPN.

It has all to do with analytics and a lot of college coaches know this as well, shooting more 3 pointers, high %dunks/rim attempts and FTA is the mathematical formula for winning vs. 2 point mid range shots. Same with baseball now, better to swing for the fences than to hit singles.

The analytics don’t lie, but I sure do miss the mid range jumper. I’d love to see a higher rim and further out 3 point line. Not that this is going to happen.

Do college coaches have access to good 3 point stats and free throw stats for high school recruits? Seems like they aren’t published anywhere? Do the big high schools typically have them and not publish them? High school line is 1 1/2 foot closer than college though. So how much of a guessing game is how good a HS 3 point shooter will be in college? Eg, Wondering if Muss thought/hoped Black and Walsh were better 3 point shooters than they have shown. Or just thought Smith et al would make up for it?

Most schools usually keep stats. Some might not be online but they usually keep them.

The major shoe circuits keep stats.

Consider that good shooters in high school, or on the AAU/shoe circuits, don’t face the kind of defenses they see in college. Makes a big difference.

Yes of course. Just wondering also as the college 3 point line is 1’ 7” farther out, plus the tougher defenses, how much of a guessing game is college 3 point shooting % vs high school. Obv smith has been out and is expected to be our best shooter but - Are we a worse 3 point shooting team (Council Black Walsh Ford Dunning etc) than expected? Of course they can likely all improve over time if they work enough at it.