Why are really good shooters so hard to come by?

Do kids just not work on their shooting technique? Are they coached by guys who could not shoot? It is odd that the NBA is a 3 point shooters league, but few of these athletic players can shoot well or have good technique. What I watch for is good rotation on the basketball. The ball spins back in perfect balance with no wobble from side to side. That means the arm angle and wrist and hand are in balance.

Watch Stephan Curry. His rotation is as good as it gets. Perfection or close to it.

i am just surprised more of these college players are not great shooters.

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I think it may be more than just finding “great” shooters. I think the golden child for Muss would be a great shooter that also plays tough defense, but that is as rare as The Great White Buffalo I think.

Our weakness in shooting may be in direct proportion to the type of player Muss recruits. Now don’t take that wrong, that is not a knock on Muss at all. I’ve always been of the opine Defense Wins Championships and I like how Muss builds a team. That being said, he may (and this is just speculation) be more interested in the defensive side of things when choosing players to fit his system. I’ve seen many great shooters that don’t play a lick of defense. If you don’t play defense, you don’t play for Muss. We have all seen that.

Still even with that, I think our woes stem from the loss of two players that this offense was built around being unavailable. You spend an entire summer working with certain tools and craft a good product then suddenly one or two of those tools are gone, well, you are not going to get the same results until you retool what you got. And that can be difficult and take time.


They would rather dunk or use their athletic ability to score than spend the time to perfect the art of shooting. AAU ball has hurt fundamentals. Lots of time playing and less working.


Tons of great shooters. Just not enough with the athleticism to play at a proper level in the SEC. See Pinion. Outclassed last night, as he will be many nights. Gotta have a lot more than the ability to shoot it. This isn’t Hoosiers in the 1950s.


I saw 2 SEC programs last night with loads of athletes and no great shooters. Muss said it himself, you are not going to wake up and start to be a great 3pt shooting team. Have to find other ways to score.


I am a great shooter. Or at least was, due to COVID I have not been in a gym in 3 years. But you have to have enough athletic ability to play defense (not that I would give up on Pinion, as they said last night, he can definitely develop into a more decent defender).

Seriously, although the Steph Currys of the world are changing this, and heck, now even big men in the NBA are expected to be able to shoot 3 pointers, for a long time dunks were featured on ESPN’s “Top Ten”, and the only jump shots featured were half court shots or other buzzer beaters. Although we recently had a player who had a deadly mid-range shot (sorry, can’t remember his name, please remind me), this has become something of a lost art because it is not spectacular and you don’t get much credit for it. Since ESPN features the spectacular over the routine, that’s true for a lot of other basketball skills too, but that’s another story.


That’s simple look at all the highlights that are showing these acrobatic dunks. That’s what gets people excited. There are very few Steph Curry’s in the world who spend countless hours perfecting the jump shot. Too much hard work what it boils down to. They would rather take their God-given ability and jump and dunk rather than sweat perfecting the jump shot.

That’s funny NC I did not even see your post before I posted mine… we were on the same wavelength LOL


Well finding other ways to score is much easier said than done because if you’re going to score around the basket in the SEC you got your work cut out for you because pretty much everybody has a rim protector 6’10 to 7 ft that can jump out of the gym and is going to block or alter anything within 5 ft of the basket.

We will find that out Wednesday trying to score against Alabama’s 7 ft big man who basically dominated Kentucky’s Tshiebwe holding him to 4 pts and 5 rebounds

Maybe it was Whitt?
He was a very good mid-range shooter.

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NBA uses spacing with good to great shooters surrounding the perimeter, then it’s drive, finish, or kick and shoot. We don’t have anyone to kick it to so they just sink and wait. I said it in a post month or so ago that we would see tons of zone after TB went down. It felt like a Captain Obvious statement.

I don’t think there’s a lack of shooters. I think the phasing out of the mid range game is the issue. Coaches, scouts, the media and fans have made 3pt shooting the end all/be all while leaning on “analytics” to convince the basketball world a two point shot is an inefficient waste of a possession.
I’ve always thought that was a stupid approach!


Do we have anyone shooting over 35% from 3? There are a lot of good to great shooters out there. Just not sure we have any of them. Council’s shot is not a thing of beauty but it goes in some. We are what we are and it’s not going to get better, especially on the road as far as shooting goes. Muss will get the most he can out of the group. It’s still a good team, just not sure it will be a excellent team. I will root for them either way.

Geez man. Why are you letting covid keep you out of the gym, when the gym can be keeping covid out of you?. I’m in the gym almost every day. Jumping rope, lifting, rowing, stretching and playing basketball with high school varsity and jv athletes. 2v2 and 3v3 games are fantastic cardio workouts. And I’m 7 days away from turning 65. If we’ve learned anything in the past three years, it’s that being strong and cardiovascularly fit, is the best way to protect yourself. I’ve had covid once. From being in a fight scene in a play, last Spring.It was nothing to me. Over in a minute. My body said to covid, " is that all you got?"

I’m a pretty good shooter too. Definitely a 3 point threat if left alone. Put someone on me.however, and everything changes. They don’t have to be a great defender to take away my 3 ball. A lot of people can shoot 3’s. Few can do it with a long armed and athletic defender staying close to you. Even fewer can create their own 3 point shot. I’m more concerned with all the point blank shots and freethrows we miss. We leave a lot of points on the floor. Without NSJ and TB, we don’t have much margin for error against our SEC brethren. We gotta make the gimmes and improve our FT%.


NBA also doesn’t play zone. Big difference. Just look at the scores every night.
Imagine if college basketball outlawed zone defense…


You’ve got to start using the word “opine” correctly. It’s a verb. Not a noun. Not an adjective. Drives me crazy. Sorry.

I realize this is a message board and not English class. But as I was once told, it’s not English class but we do speak it.


Some claim we don’t speak it in Arkansas. Not true, and that’s their problem.

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COVID kept me out of the gym because it was closed. Like for a year. Then it opened, but only by appointment, and only if you shot alone. I could do that at home. That was year 2. Then, year 3, they opened up again, I even had a special sports mask, but I had not played for 2 years, no one was begging me to play, I was 71 with diabetes and heart issues, thus a special COVID risk, and had a new crazy Labrador Retriever puppy and was risking divorce leaving him home for my wife to take care of for 3 hours. Next question :smile:?

By the way, you are absolutely right, not that you need me to say that, keeping fit is one of the biggest keys to health. And although I really miss basketball, I do exercise every day. Went on a 2 hour walk with my Lab yesterday, and given that he often lunges when a car goes by, I got anaerobic exercise via the leash as well as aerobic. I used to lift weights for 30 minutes before or after basketball.


Think it was Whitt, thank you. And there also may have been a more recent one.

By the way, although I think ESPN highlights have caused a de-emphasis on learning the fundamentals, shooting included, for the most part I have been very impressed with our team. Despite their individual inexperience, and their inexperience playing together, they play pretty darn well as a unit, play smart, are unselfish, play defense, etc. A tribute to them, their intelligence, the coaching they have gotten, and definitely the coaching they are getting now.

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Why can’t an eighteen-year-old make 80% of their free throws? I would suggest the lack of interest in recognizing the importance of proficiency in free shooting when ranking young players causes young players to place emphasis on where they are ranked. AAU would be a place to start along with these private player development factories. I would suspect the average day does not employ a Muss-like free throw proficiency improvement practice each day. The fact is high free throw proficiency comes from repetitive practice using a proscribed form over a significant amount of practice each day. Young Tommy Boyers of the world are not a recruiting priority for these sports academies or D-1 programs. Why is this important? Yesterday’s loss could have been prevented by making free throws…with this year’s team, it is a must to make 75% to 80% of free throws and preferably 100% of the first shot of a 1 and 1. Disappointing loss.

I sometimes wonder how some of these 5 star players get that ranking when they can’t shoot a lick. Including at the FT line.
I understand that they may have an advanced skill set than others, but you would think that shooting skills should be part of that assessment.
Maybe that’s why they have different categories for positions like point guard, shooting guard, etc.
I’m sure that I don’t entirely understand how the ranking process works. I once heard that the higher ranking projects the skill set to perform and compete at the college level. But I’m sure there’s a lot more too it than that.