Why are Aggie ads showing up on our board?

While making a post to a Scottie basketball thread about interviewing team members, I look to the right and there is an Aggie ad encouraging me to buy season tickets with Jimbo’s mug prominently displayed. If the aggies are paying for these ads is this just a bad aggie joke with them expecting some of us to buy a ticket?

Super Simple answer: It’s the algorithms man, adsense sees all of us as sports fans but not necessarily which team that you’re a fan of Hogmodo. There are other factors involved but The Dem Gaz has nothing to do with what is being advertised to whom with adsense… I despise Ole Miss but was getting a ton of Ole Miss ads, so I get it. Welcome to the wild world of Adsense micro targeting. Hope that helps.

This thread makes me remember why I love AdBlockPlus (Firefox for PC) and Purify (iPhone and iPad).

The way it works for me is if I visit an MLB or NFL or NBA site to shop, it then hits me with ads for what I bought or considered buying.

Never forget one guy on here who asked about some naughty ads he was seeing. :smiley:

I now have a “illimitado” spanish cell phone service offering 5 lines for $20 showing up on the right side while posting here. I don’t speak spanish, never been to any spanish speaking sites, and have not looked for new cell phone service on line in years. The ads across the top seem totally focused on what I have browsed or looked for recently. The ads to the right seem to have more totally random ads showing up for no good reason.

I also AdBlockPlus. I have used it on my iPhone for almost 2 years and see zero ads. It’s free

I can vouch for Purify. I’ve used it for a while and have none of these issues.

I am the guy you are referring to. That one time and never again while posting on this board, an ad showed up on the right side for a “cruise to Israel” with all guys in speedos in the photos. I made the mistake of asking the board how this could be happening and got wore out by clowns “LOL” while claiming that just revealed where I had been lurking! It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally I get an Aggie Ad while never having gone to an Aggie site and now an ad “all in Spanish” for a $20 per line cell phone service. I promise you I have not been visiting any hispanic sites nor have I been looking for new cell phone service since last year. Whoever is paying for these ads is not getting much value when they pay to post on here. JMVHO

I will say that the current ad on the right (for me) is for Jacksonville Sauage. I have never searched for that or any other type of sausage! Nothing against sausage, I just buy Jimmy Dean and don’t search for anything else!

My current ads are for Academy Sports (haven’t shopped there in years), Cabela’s (never), Publix (supermarket chain in the Southeast, one store near me but I’ve never been there and never Googled them), and a Branson travel ad (haven’t been to Branson in probably four years).