Why am I watching

I don’t know…maybe I will be surprised by something.

I am not surprised yet…poor tackling and we can’t defend the jet sweep…

Turnover by QB…not surprised…followed up immediately by an opponent score…not surprised yet

Actually, the snaps have been high all night.

Stupid pass in traffic…not surprised

I know that does not fit some of agendas here, but the first quarter issues were mostly not coaching issues. Other than the consistent inability to maintain edge containment, the opportunities were there for players to make plays. Even the last Bama touchdown could have been a pretty easy stop for a short gain.

We never make plays…it’s shocking just how awful we are at making a play when it’s needed.


The snaps have been inconsistent all night. I realize the most popular thing to critique is QB play but its not like the QB has a boat load of stuff to think about, and then you are playing Bama…and then 3 out of 5 snaps are anywhere but where you want them.

Starkel has skills that the other QBs do not. I hate to “give up” and play the garden gnome at QB.