Why am I being asked to Log in on my laptop

The last few days I cant read the stories bc it wants me to login an my saved info now all of sudden is wrong but I can pick up my phone and read just fine.I have not changed settings on my computer,what is going on.I much prefer reading the stories on my computer bc the font is too small when I look on my phone.

I suspect something is wrong with your subscription but your cookies have not expired yet on your phone. Please email wholehogsports@wehco.com and someone from our customer service can help you.

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Expiring cookies? LMAO!

Happening with me on my iPad also. Don’t know how to dump my cache on my iPad if someone can help.

Did to me yesterday. I backed all the way out and totally shut down HI. Came back, entered PW again and it works. Seems it does that for some reason from time to time

I’m going to bring IT into the loop. It sounds like there might be an issue that needs their attention.

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It’s probably your browser cache. If you clear your browser cache and restart your browser it will likely fix it.

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Yeah Matt it just happened about the last 3 or 4 days

Cookies ain’t never expired around me LOL


Thanks for the tips everybody

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