WHS/ADG Sportsman of the Year

… is a great (and well deserved) selection!

Most definitely! What he and his women have accomplished, especially these last few years, is very John McDonnell-like. Truly amazing.


Truly remarkable indeed. Well deserving.

Outside of football, the UA athletics is doing very well. Led by Lance Harter.


And Lance has built his teams in the same way that John did. He has a core of distance runners that are very good. Bucknam has structured his teams differently.

Amazing is an understatement.
Gonna be hard to replace Coach Harter or maybe not due to the tradition of the program.
But it’s going to happen sooner or later or we might be posting all of this again when he is 75-80 years old, which I don’t foresee.

It seemed like a pretty obvious choice to select Lance. I think it is pretty amazing to see how he has transformed his program in the past five or six years.