Whose luck is better?

Malzahn and Auburn or the Hogs? I have never seen so many breaks and bounces of the ball goes one teams way (over the years). Malzahn won’t get fired, so we won’t be sucked into his game again. Who says cheaters never prosper?

Auburn must have had several rabbit feet in their pockets. Bama should have won by two or three scores.

And you’re right, it’s not just tonight. It’s over and over again, year after year. And the refs just keep helping them.

Another way that sports teach us about life-cheaters get rewarded


IMO AR needs to start “playing the game”. Only way we can start getting the players we need. I heard a funny saying from fellow golfer during a big 4 man scramble at my club. He said “ if ur not cheatin, the only person ur cheatin is ur self”.

Sorry I brought up that comment to suggest it is a good approach, just acknowledging that Auburn cheats and it seems that Karma either hasn’t paid attention or doesn’t hold it against them. I have always felt that luck seems to find balance over time. If this premise is true, Auburn is due a lengthy dry spell when it comes to luck.

Malzahn is 3-4 v Saban

Rest of the coaches in the SEC are 1-23

That’s why Auburn will not fire him. Who else are they going to get to compete against Saban?

He is a very good coach. He has some things about him I don’t like but I would take him in a heart beat. We would have to give him the money to hire a great staff. We’d be fools not to take him. To many folks in NWA are butt hurt over his time in the area coaching high school football.