whose going to Close?

used Reindl and Cronin last night.I would lean to Lee myself…but we are going to have some young guys step up and face that great offense…Rammage and Bolden are good jury still out on scroggins…their pitching depth took a hit last night with 5 guys pitching

Kentucky is in the same boat. I suspect we will see two high scoring games today if pitching doesn’t show up. KY missed a few HRs last night as did the hogs.

but KY definitely staffed their relievers yesterday … using 5 guys over 4.2 innings. So probably every one of them could pitch again today.

We used only 2 over 4.1 innings; not sure either one could come back today (Sunday may have worked).

Added to that, DVH mentioned Murphy could have been an option on Sunday … today may be too early for that, though.

At least KY doesn’t have their usual Saturday guy.

On the pregame show, DVH said tomorrows starter will be whoever is left. He won’t rule out using a potential starter today if he needs to win.

there is no tomorrow. :?

Lol. Strike “tomorrow”, insert “game 2”

Campbell is pitching very well. With this 7 run lead it’d be nice to see him go deep. Be nice to get him into the 7th inning or beyond.

With this quality solid start from Campbell the bull pen can rest! DVH can piece together and patch through the second game. It would be really good to put 3 losses on Kentucky and send them back to bluegrass country with a few lumps! Strong start to conference play will give the hogs a boost.
The defense has been better in these last 2 games too!