Who's Your Pick

For D coordinator next year? Charlie Strong & Orgeron will be available. Do we dole out the money & try to snag one of them? Or does CBB have someone else in his coaching tree waiting in the wings?

What about Paul Rhoads? He was DC at Pitt and Auburn.

Paul Rhodes would not be a bad choice. I doubt Orgeron is going to take a DC job after 3 HC jobs even though he didn’t succeed at either one. Ego is hard to suppress.

I’ve been disappointed in RS’s scheme and inability to develop a defense that matches our talent. The only year a RS defense has been real good is with a very good LB in Martrelle Spaight. Our Dline gap control and LB funneled scheme only had one REAL SEC linebacker in Greenlaw. We have a very athletic front 4 but we asked them to do gap control instead of attacking??? Everyone puts a WR on Ellis to expose his lack of speed/coverage or they expose Greenlaw’s weakness in Run Support. Is our Defensive scheme too complex? Is it too complex for anybody but Ellis to master? We cannot get backups in the game that know the scheme unless there is an injury; yet Eugene looks pretty dang good for a guy that couldn’t get on the field? Greenlaw and Ellis have been fatigued but the story was we couldn’t play any back ups because they weren’t able?

Charlie Stromg is a head coach about to get millions of buyout dollars from the Longhorns. He will not be a viable option. He would not settle for this job. I think we need some young up and comer who would be willing to come coach. We have only one way to go…up. We can’t get much worse on defense.

When LSU makes their hire, the new coach may want to bring in their own DC.

If Dave Aranda is available, you go get Dave Aranda.

Sadly, I have the feeling Dave Aranda will not be available and instead will be a HC somewhere next year.

I’m hoping for a big name that will be able to go out and grab some significant recruits each year. While I like Paul Rhoads on the staff I wouldn’t be happy with him at DC, he’s improved the secondary but not tremendously they still are horrible tacklers and get beat pretty badly. A young, big name would help in many ways, able to get the players to rally behind him and get the most out of them. RS doesn’t have this trait because they look slow and quit fast with him, not much of a player motivator apparently. We will see though, WPS

Tackling and angles are one thing, but much of the problem has been talent and speed. Rhodes can’t do much about the talent.